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What is a Recertified Product?

Recertified Is More than used

At Electronic Express most of our products are new, factory fresh products. However you might have seen a few labeled “Recertified.” These items are from our partners and have been manufacturer recertified or “factory” recertified. This means the item was purchased through the company and returned to it. The item then went through a rigorous health and beauty regimen to ensure the product is of the highest quality before it’s ready to be re-sold.

The manufacturer determines the item’s defect, repairs it, cleans it, tests it and repackages it…basically making it new again.

Practically New

Manufacturer or factory recertified merchandise undergoes more testing than products bought directly off the assembly line. This ensures you’re getting better quality equipment at a lower price. In fact, recertified products come with a decreased chance of future problems than items purchased new.

Can you tell the difference

All manufacturer recertified products come in original packaging or a factory branded box. They include all accessories the original product did. In the end, they’re practically indistinguishable!

The Best Part?

The best part of all is that means you get a great product even cheaper than Electronic Express’ already low prices! Very rarely do customers see problems with their recertified items; but if you do have a problem… no worries! Since Electronic Express is an Authorized Distributor, the buyers receive the manufacturer's standard warranty.