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Gaming, Drones, & Toys

Today's video game systems can introduce you to almost-real virtual worlds. With a virtual reality, you can even trick your brain to think it's experiencing the real world. Even with a 4K TV, the graphics can be breathtaking. PC gaming still reigns supreme for graphics. Gaming desktops & laptops can play the newest games at the highest graphics settings. Consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox are great for their simplicity. You know that any game you play is going to work and run great on the console it's made for.

Get the latest gaming, drones, and toys with Electronic Express. We carry the latest gaming consoles, PC gaming equipment, virtual reality headsets, drones, musical instruments, toys, games, and hoverboards.


We carry popular gaming consoles from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Atari and more. The latest gaming consoles run games at near 4K resolution and also double as media powerhouses. Stream your favorite movies and shows without an extra box. Some of our gaming consoles are bundle packages, coming with a game and a controller. We also carry the portable Nintendo Switch that can be hooked up to your television set allowing you to also play at home. We have wireless controllers for PlayStation consoles and Xbox!


From gaming consoles to PC gaming, we have gaming desktops or laptops to bring your gaming to the next level. Desktop computers for sale are generally going to be the most powerful type of computer you will find. Because of their size, they are able to fit larger and more powerful components and at the same time still, have room for the fans to keep them cool so that they don't overheat. Many desktop computers are optimized for gaming with fast processors, large graphics cards, and high RAM storage. Add to your computer with a gaming keyboard or gaming mouse. Get long-lasting comfort while you play your games with a flexible, lightweight, foam ear cushion headset! Or step into another reality, with a virtual reality headset!


Whether you're looking for a fun toy or a professional drone with a 4K camera, we've got you covered. Some drones can even be remotely piloted out of your sight. We have both beginner and advanced drones as well as drone accessories, and batteries.


Create your own music or help out a future musician—the choice is yours. We have instruments for both adults and kids, such as acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele, electric keyboards, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and more. Electronic Express also carries DJ systems, controllers, and mixers. Sing your heart out with a microphone for either the professionals or a star in training. We carry microphones on the stand, as well as a headset.


We've got fun for all ages when you bring home these games and toys! We carry fidget spinners and fidget cubes that provide a sense of comfort and peace in stressful situations. We carry a great selection of toys and games for kids of all ages. Toys from robot cars, bow & arrow, a light bright, chemistry kits, stuffed animals, karaoke machines, and more!


Electronic Express sells hoverboards, skateboards, and scooters! Experience a new way of riding with a hoverboard. Many of our hoverboards can reach up to 8 mph and can take up to 10 miles on a 2-hour charge. Or hop on a skateboard or scooter, and take a cruise around the town. We also carry helmets to provide maximum safety.