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While we are sure you have a great television, the sound is half the experience, and your TV's small speakers are nothing compared to the powerful sound quality. Electronic Express carries highly popular soundbars from top-notch brands like Bose, Polk, Samsung, Sony, Klipsch, and more!

Soundbars are highly popular because they greatly improve the sound quality of your TV while being incredibly convenient and easy to set up. Before the rise of flat-panel TVs, you could get a TV with great sound because manufacturers were able to fit large speakers under the TV. However, with modern TVs approaching thicknesses measured in millimeters, there just isn't room to fit large speakers for excellent sound and bass. A soundbar isn't limited by those space restrictions, and thus is able to use much larger speakers that can produce richer sounds.

Many soundbars include a wireless subwoofer, which in combination with the soundbar will be able to reproduce the full range of sounds that the director intended you to enjoy. They're also incredibly easy to set up: all you do is position it, plug it into a power outlet, and connect it to your TV with a single optical cable.

To add icing on the cake, we carry soundbars that contain special features. For example, Sony developed soundbars that contain several audio modes to satisfy your dynamic tastes and entertainment sources. Sports Mode, Theater Mode, News Mode, Music Mode, and Game Studio Mode create optimized sound quality for the particular type of entertainment you decide to watch. We also carry brands of soundbars that contain the Night Mode feature, which allows you to hear what's on the screen clearly, without having to turn the volume up. Feel free to check out more of our soundbars to take your audio experience to a whole new level.