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HDMI & Audio Cables

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Cables for Home Theater, Home Audio, and Computers

Even in this wireless era, wired connections offer the best latency, reliability and data transfer rates. Find new or replacement cables for your tech here at Electronic Express.

Types of Cables

  • HDMI cables - The new standard electronic communication cable for TVs, home theater, gaming, and home audio. These also work with multiple devices like Blu-ray players, streaming devices, PCs, and DVRs. We also carry HDMI cables with ethernet compatibility so your devices with ethernet capability output lossless high-quality home entertainment.
  • Ethernet cables - Use these network cables to connect your devices directly to your router for a better connection than Wi-Fi. Direct-to-router internet connections help you get more consistent speeds, reduce latency, and maintain a steady connection.
  • Digital optical cables - Similar to fiber optic cables, these cables use light to transfer data between the source and the speaker. These cables only support audio formats.
  • Coaxial cables - Copper wires used for internet, cable TV, satellite TV, and DVRs. Their cable design insulates the center conductor and reduces signal interference, so you can enjoy quality content without interference from other electrical cables. These are a great option if your internet service provider does not support fiber internet in your area.
  • Speaker wires - We carry 18 gauge speaker wires for connecting your home stereo setup.
  • Cable converters - Connect older tech to new TVs with composite to HDMI converters, or do it the other way around with HDMI to composite video converters. We also carry converters for HDMI to VGA, mini DisplayPort to HDMI, and USB-C to DVI.
  • Adaptors - We carry a variety of adaptors including banana plug adaptors, ¼" to 3.5 mm, 3.5 mm to ¼", coaxial cable connectors, and more.

How long can an HDMI cable be?

The maximum length that an HDMI cable supports is 50 feet. If you need cable length beyond that, you will need a signal extender to prevent signal loss.

What is a good brand for HDMI Cables?

Monster makes all kinds of high-speed HDMI cables including 4K HDMI cables and HDMI cables with ethernet. They also make adapters, microphone cables, and stylish LED light accessories.