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Rise & Noir Luxury Design Expressions

Bold Brass. Sculpted Lace.

Discover the traditional yet unconventional RISE Design and the sleek, minimalist NOIR Design

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The Power of Technology


Cook with a digital sous chef at your fingertips. This guided culinary experience is backed by chef-created algorithms and features full-color food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific tips.


Tin Stove Rack

Flat Tine Racks

Every detail and material of your range is obsessed over for a truly luxe experience. Open up to flat tine oven racks that glide fluidly and fully extend when loaded and a color-matched interior and gasket.

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Chrome-Infused Griddle

With our best griddle preheat, the chrome-infused surface cleans up well. Chrome lets you cook fast and prevents heat from lingering too long after.

Dual-Stacked Burners

Dual-Stacked Powerburners

Take control of precision-drilled burners with two symmetrical levels of flame that bloom to high-heat searing temperatures or retreat to a low, slow simmer at your command.


Side-by-Side Fridge Open

Built-In Refrigerators

Shop fully-integrated built-in side-by-side, French door, and bottom freezer high-end refrigerators from JennAir. Discover external dispenser models and widths from 24 to a grandiose 48 inches.

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Dark Interior

Daring Obsidian Interior

Inspired by volcanic glass, this dark finish erupts with reflective, high-contrast style.

Trinity Cooling

Trinity Cooling

Three precision sensors, calibrated every second. Command enduring freshness.

Ecliptic Lighting

Ecliptic Lighting

Live beyond the shadow. Over 650 LEDs frame and fill, illuminating in dramatic glory.

Wall Ovens

LCD Oven Display

7" Full Color LCD Display

This highly-interactive display is packed with dynamic features that allow for fearless navigation through settings and the JennAir® Culinary Center.

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Dual Fan

Dual-Fan Convection

V2™ Vertical Convection

Dual counter-rotating vertical fans work in tandem, helping you wield your cooking prowess with everything from mouthwatering fillets to irresistible roasts.

Single Fan

Single-Fan Convection

Multimode® Convection

Steady heat is circulated by whirling metal blades, weaving around every flat tine. Wield your cooking prowess from marbled meats to succulent roasts.


Gas Cooktop

Gas Cooktops

Bold professional-style details and powerful burners that offer precise heat control ideal for a variety of cooking techniques. Choose from 5 or 6 burners and front or side controls.

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Low Profile Burner

Low-Profile Design

Choose a minimal look and a smooth transition from cooktop to countertop.

Flame-Sensing Reignition

Flame-Sensing™ Reignition

If the flame is accidentally extinguished, a spark automatically reignites the burner.

BTU Burner

20,000 BTU Brass Powerburner

Ideal for searing a steak, stir-frying vegetables or rapidly boiling water.

Beverage Centers

Wine Bottles

Beverage Centers

Discover and shop 24-inch beverage centers, where your refreshments, liquid or otherwise, wait in chilled bliss.

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Obsidian Interior

Obsidian Interior

Inspired by volcanic glass, this dark finish erupts with reflective, high-contrast style. Let your drinks emerge like vibrant art, begging to be consumed.

UV Resistant Glass

UV-Resistant Thermal

Double-paned glass helps filter out ultraviolet light and helps reject temperature swings to sustain the body and finish you covet.


Third Rack Dishwasher

High-Capacity 3rd Rack with Wash

The largest 3rd Level Rack in the luxury industry glides with quiet and ease, even when fully loaded with tapas bowls, large rocks glasses and cocktail shakers.

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Rapid Wash

Rapid Wash Cycle

Cleans dishes in about an hour—ideal for any get-together, diversion or intimate night in.

Enhanced Lighting

Enhanced Cinematic Lighting

Shine a spotlight on clean. Packed with 18 LED lights that ramp up to full intensity, JennAir brand’s best lighting coverage chases away shadows.