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LG Brand Store

Smarter Living with LG

From LG smart appliances with SmartThinQ® technology that give you more ways to control your home, to LG TVs with AI ThinQ® that let you control features with just your voice, Electronic Express is the place to get smart with LG.



Bring immersive LG entertainment into your home with state-of-the-art LG technology – from the stellar detail of 4K Ultra HD to the rich sound of LG home audio.

LG OLED TV & Sound Bar

LG Appliances

Bring the Cutting Edge Back to your appliances. LG SideKick™ washer, LG InstaView™ ProBake Convection®, large capacity and EasyClean®. LG takes innovation to new heights.

Raid the Fridge Without Losing Your Cool.

InstaView™ Door-in-Door® has a sleek tinted glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, allowing you to see inside the easy access compartment without ever opening the door.

From Rare to Well Done, It’s Always Done Well.

With innovations like ProBake Convection™ and high-powered cooktops, LG cooking appliances will give you that perfect golden crust, savory roast or velvety smooth sauce every time.

For Small Loads That Are a Big Deal

Between coffee spills, baby messes, and a dirty "magical" shirt, sometimes clothes just can’t wait for laundry day. See how the LG SideKick™ can help.


The future of clean is here right now. Discover LG's time-saving, energy-efficient, room-for-everything laundry appliances.

LG Gram. The Tech Experts Have Weighed In


Work. Where You Want to Be.

With incredibly long-lasting batteries and touchscreen displays available in 13, 14 or 15-inches, LG gram laptops make any workload seem light.


Clear Colors, Dazzling View

A richer, brighter, more detailed view is here. With an LG in-plane switching (IPS) monitor, every angle works.

Netflix streaming membership required. 4K Ultra HD limitations apply. Visit