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Cell Phones

Electronic Express carries cell phones for sale that will connect with most carriers. We carry unlocked cell phones from major brands such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, and Huawei. Our smartphones are available with either Android or iOS operating systems. Trust Electronic Express for your next cell phone purchase!


We carry unlocked cell phones and smartphones, leaving to you use them at whichever carrier you prefer. Purchasing an unlocked gives customers more freedom to use their phone as they like and can save you money.


Electronic Express offers no-contract cell phones, meaning you pick your phone and select a monthly plan that doesn’t lock you in. No more year-long or multi-year commitment! It is a great alternative to long-term contracts. Get a cell phone that suits your needs, with a flexibility that gives you more control over how much you want to spend!


Work from your wrist with one of our Smart Watches! Many of our smartwatches also work as a fitness band, however, we also have sports watches, fitness trackers, and bands as well! We carry smartwatches from brands such as Apple and Samsung. Track your personal health or create goals using a sports watch or a fitness tracker. Many of the watches and bands we carry are water-resistant and include features such as an alarm, stopwatch, compass, heart rate monitor, and step counter. Live a more active lifestyle with one of our smartwatches and wearables.


Protect your cell phone with many of our phone cases and screen protectors to shield your phone from cracks and prevent shatters. We also carry back up power batteries, portable batteries, chargers, and more. We have accessories for your car as well, such as grip car mounts and aux cords to play your music through. Accessories your phone with grippers, mounts, stands, and even a selfie stick. If you are always on the go, get yourself a Bluetooth wireless headset that is comfortable, lightweight and perfect for business or everyday life. Hook your smartphone up with a virtual reality headset!