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Whether you are shopping for your first computer or updating your gaming system, Electronic Express has everything you need from a computer desktop, laptop, and tablet. We have the systems you need for work, school, or video gaming.


We carry a computer for everyone! We have all-in-one computers that are reliable and have trusted performance with plenty of storage. Whether you want a notebook or a Chromebook laptop, we carry high performance laptops that are great for on the go. Laptops give you the components of a desktop computer packed into a portable unit. Easily shift from work to play without trying to slow down! Electronic Express carries Apple products such as Macbooks, and iMacs that features great storage memory and has built-in apps. Surface computers allow you to interact with them through the surface by touch. Take a surface computer on the go and turn it into a tablet or set it on studio mode! Plug your computer monitor into a tower PC to help with the latest performance, storage and handling large files, images and videos.


Go beyond gaming with a PC gaming computer either a desktop or a laptop, providing outstanding processing power and remarkable gaming capabilities. Gaming desktops some of the most powerful type of computer you will find. Because of their sizes, they are able to fit larger and more powerful components but also are able to stay cool for their built-in fans. Optimized for gaming for processors, large graphics cards, and high RAM storage. Even if you are not a gamer, there is great performance value in desktop computers compared to an all-in-one or a laptop. Take control of your computer games with a computer mouse or a luxury keyboard. Many of our keyboards provide reliable sensitivity and durability during intense gaming conditions! While the graphics are important when it comes to gaming, don’t forget to pick up a gaming headset to enhance your gaming experience! Gaming headsets bring a powerful sound that will outlast your game, that is lightweight and comfortable. If you are looking for a new way to game, we also have Virtual Reality headsets! Redefine your expectation of immersion in gaming by stepping in a virtual world and experience entertainment in new and extraordinary ways.


If you are not looking for a computer or laptop, having a tablet is an ideal computer system. Available in both large and small sizes, and some specially designed for kids! Tablets are great for emailing, connecting on social media, streaming movies and TV shows and even playing with different games and apps. Electronic Express also carries great tablet and iPads accessories from keyboard cases, tablet cases, chargers, cleaning kits and more.


We carry computer monitors from giant curved widescreen monitors to budget-friendly 20-inch models. All monitors tend to be widescreen, but ultra wide models can be twice as wide as a traditional monitor and provide valuable space to run multiple applications at the same time. These are also available with curved screens, which make viewing the entire screen easier. IPS monitors provide superior viewing angle performance and accurate colors. Computer printers are capable of so much more than just printing. All-in-one printers combine printing, copying, and scanning into one device. Not only can you scan documents, but you can perform high-resolution scans of printed photos to digitize your collection. And with the proper photo paper, many printers are able to produce high-quality prints of your digital photos. Wireless printers allow you to print from multiple devices anywhere in the building as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Electronic Express also carries ink toner, paper, webcams, computer speakers, flash drive, hard driver, storage and networking and wireless routers!


Protect your laptop or tablet from scratches and damage with a case or sleeve. We also carry replacement cables and chargers as well as downloaded software for your laptop or computer desktop.