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TV Remotes and Antennas

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TV Accessories

At Electronic Express, we carry all kinds of TV accessories and replacements so you can optimize your average TV viewing experience.

Remote Controls

If you can't find your old TV remote, you can find another one here at Electronic Express. We carry all kinds of universal remote controls. We also offer professional universal remote programming services if you need help setting up your new remote.

We also carry Roku remotes that can be used either as a replacement or an upgrade. We carry both regular Roku remotes and Roku remotes with voice controls.

TV Cables, Switches, and Splitters

Electronic Express carries all kinds of cables for your TV room. Whether you need a replacement or an upgrade, shop for 4K HDMI cables, optical cables, RCA cables, speaker wires, coaxial cables, USB extension cables, stereo cables, and even CAT6 networking cables.

Managing the devices plugged into your TV can be a challenge. We carry a selection of HDMI switches that let you connect more devices and easily swap between them. For duplicating the same output across multiple displays, we carry HDMI splitters. We also carry coaxial cable splitters for homes and businesses that still use coax for TV and internet. And if you want to keep your devices safe, we carry an array of surge protectors that you can choose from.

Converters and Adaptors

Older game consoles, VCR players, and even some DVD players still have RCA cable outputs. Likewise, older TVs lack HDMI inputs. We carry both Composite to HDMI and HDMI to Composite audio/visual converters.

TV Antennas

Enjoy watching live TV without a subscription fee or buffering connection. Digital HDTV antennas come in a variety of styles for indoor and outdoor installations. Indoor antenna styles include towers, spheres, and crescents. Some indoor models can even be painted to match the style of your room.

TV Mounts and Brackets

We carry a wide range of low-profile TV mounts and brackets to fit TVs of any size. You can get rid of that old TV stand and create a modern feel in your TV room. A full-motion TV wall mount gives you the perfect line of sight any time of day. Or keep it simple with a swivel TV mount for a little movement. We also carry projector ceiling mounts for classrooms, offices, and home theaters.