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Small Kitchen Appliances

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About Countertop Ice Makers For Sale

If you have a refrigerator that doesn't have an icemaker, a countertop ice maker might be for you. Make nugget ice to be enjoyed by you, your family, and your guests. Buy one for your home bar and add craft ice to enhance your homemade cocktails.

If you frequently have company over, you can produce ice in a matter of minutes, so you'll never run out while hosting.

What Kind of Ice Do Countertop Ice Makers Make?

Different models of countertop ice makers make different kinds of ice. Some will only make one type, while others let you choose. The most popular types of ice are cubes, crescents, round, smooth, and bullet or nugget ice.

How Fast Do Countertop Ice Makers Produce Ice?

Countertop models have very short ice cycles that produce a batch of ice in less than 20 minutes. Some models can even produce ice in as little as 6 minutes.

Do I Need a Waterline for a Countertop Ice Maker?

Countertop ice machines use an internal water reservoir to create ice, removing the need for a water line. You can fill the reservoir with any kind of water, but filtered or reverse osmosis water is best. Using tap water may result in mineral build-up inside the machine.

What Other Features Do Countertop Ice Makers Have?

Look for the following features as you're shopping for a countertop ice machine.

  • Maximum ice production
  • Auto-stop
  • WiFi and smart home connectivity
  • Voice controls
  • Storage bin capacity
  • Ice cube size and type
  • Advanced deep-cleaning cycles
  • Included ice scoops

Popular Brands of Countertop Ice Makers

Choose an ice maker from recognized brands like Avanti, GE Profile, and more! All at a great price from Electronic Express.

Should I Get a Built-in Ice Maker?

If you want to save on counter space and produce more pounds of ice per day, you should shop for a built-in ice maker. They come in a variety of finishes including stainless steel, black, and custom panels.