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Create an entertainment space with crystal clear sound with Electronic Express’s audio system selection. Fill up the room with your favorite music with a speaker system that will rock! Watch your favorite movies and television shows, with a surround sound system. Experience sound bars and sound bases that work with your entertainment set, that will make you feel the action like never before. Systems that adds depth and brings a new dimension to deliver a more realistic and immersive audio experience, exactly what you would want to hear at the movie theaters. Enhance the room’s acoustics with a subwoofer that handles lower frequencies and bass; without a subwoofer, you’ll be missing out on some of the sounds! We have audio speakers from your favorite brands such as SONY, Pioneer, Polk Audio, BOSE, LG, and more!


Take your music wherever you go with a portable Bluetooth speaker, or play your music in your home with a wireless music system! Bluetooth speakers connect to your phone or device wirelessly. Many of our speakers are water-resistant and waterproof, they perfect for spending time outdoors, tailgating for sports games, near or a pool or for a beach party! Systems designed with loud in mind! Play your old records and CDs with Electronic Express’s many boom boxers and turntables. With CD players that can play and record to cassette tapes, and have digital AM/FM radio. Turntables that keep your vinyl album spinning, and even be able to stream music wirelessly or directly connect to a deceive such as Smartphone.


Take your music everywhere you go with a great pair of headphones. Headphones at Electronic Express are available for every lifestyle! We carry, noise-canceling headphones, earbuds, wireless headphones, over the ear headphones, on the ear headphones and more. We have headphones that would be great for traveling, hitting the gym, going for a hike, gaming, or simply just enjoying some tunes.


Electronic Express carries more than just audio equipment for your home and self; we also have systems for your cars and boats. Upgrade your car or boat radio with a Bluetooth or add an amplifier, new speakers, or subwoofers to enjoy your music on a whole other level while driving.


Stock up on your accessories needs for your audio equipment. Choose from standard or high-quality braided cables for your components! We also carry iPod and portable music accessories such as auxiliary cables that can easily connect to your car or home audio device. Electronic Express is also here for musicians, with microphones, and musicals instruments such as an electronic keyboard, trumpet, guitar, and more!


Depending on your location, we can make it happen with installation to your audio equipment! No need to worry about setting it up, our professional team will take care of it and be sure it works properly!