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Microwave Ovens for Sale

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About Shopping for Microwaves

Not everyone has time to cook food. Thankfully, we have microwaves! Electronic Express carries all of the best microwaves from major brands like GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Frigidaire, more!

Microwaves are an essential kitchen appliance. With a microwave, you can defrost frozen foods in a few minutes, reheat leftovers, or heat pre-prepared meals in minutes.

Types of Microwave Ovens


Countertop microwave ovens sit on your counter and don't require installation. They're typically the most budget-friendly type of microwave. If you would like to save counter space, you can install a cheap microwave in your cabinet with a separate trim kit.


If you don't have a range hood, an over-the-range microwave can function as a range. These microwaves have vent fans that vent smoke and odor out through ductwork, or filter and recirculate the air in your kitchen. Over-the-range microwaves also feature cooktop lights to illuminate the range's cooktop.

Built-in and Drawer Microwaves

Installing a built-in microwave will help you save space on your counters without replacing your range hood vent.

Most built-in models are drawer microwaves with drop-down doors or slide out as a drawer. These microwaves fit nicely above or below a built-in wall oven, under a kitchen counter, or as part of a kitchen island. You can also find models with traditional swing-open doors if you want a microwave installed above counter level.

Microwave Features To Look For

  • Preset cook times for pizza, soup, popcorn, or dinner plates
  • Defrost settings
  • Smart heating sensors
  • Quick start mode
  • Quick melt settings
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Convection cooking
  • Air fry
  • LED lighting
  • Glass touch controls

Important Microwave Specs

  • Power level: Differs from model to model, ranging from 600 to 1750 watts. Most microwave ovens are 1000 watts.
  • Finish: Choose from finishes including silver, black, stainless steel, white, black stainless steel, or fingerprint resistant.
  • Capacity: Ranges from 0.5-2.2 cubic feet.
Appliance Delivery and Installation

Electronic Express offers delivery and installation to residents within 25 miles of any store location. Visit our Appliance Delivery & Installation page for more information.

Shipping is available nationally in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).