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Oven Range

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As we all know, the ability to cook is paramount to an established home. Luckily, Electronic Express presents you with an array of oven range options for your home.

Buying the Right Oven Range

Ranges are combinations of an oven and a stove, so you can cook and bake using the same appliance. Ranges add flexibility, utility and style to any modern kitchen.

Gas Cooking Ranges

If you’re after precision and even heating, then cooking with a gas range is the right option for you. Gas ranges respond at the turn of a dial, letting your cookware reach higher temperatures faster than an electric stove. Gas ovens typically come with convection cooking options to provide optimal heating through the entire oven.

Smooth Top Oven Ranges

Smooth Electric oven ranges give off a modern, sleek aesthetic that integrates well with the design of your kitchen. Plus they’re easy to use and easy to clean.

Dual-Fuel Ranges

Dual-fuel oven ranges offer the benefits of gas-powered stovetops and the even heating of electric ovens. Many people enjoy the responsiveness of gas stoves, especially when perfecting a dish.

Slide-In Oven Ranges

Choose a slide-in range if you’re looking for a range without a blackguard. All of the controls are placed on the front of the range, allowing a seamless installation for your kitchen’s aesthetic. Slide-ins work well for kitchen islands, kitchen remodels, and kitchens with decorative backsplashes.

Electric Coil Oven Ranges

You can often find electric coil ranges in base-model kitchens. Coil ranges use electricity to produce heat in their spiral-shaped cooktops. While not as glamorous as smooth-top ranges, coil ranges are affordable, easy to maintain, and easy to clean.

Electric Oven Ranges

You can always rely on a classic electric range oven. Depending on how much you cook you can also find ranges with two ovens built-in! Cook more efficiently for your next family feast with a two-oven range.

Induction Ranges

Induction oven ranges are your fastest option when it comes to heating up food. Instead of typical electric coils, induction ranges use electromagnets to produce heat directly in the dish. As a result, induction cooking reaches high heat faster than electric stoves.

Induction cooktops are also very safe for families with kids, as the surface stays cool to the touch. Induction oven ranges do not add any extra heat to the room, so you can stay cool while cooking. Induction ovens also come with convection, preheat, and air fry settings.

Shop Great Brands at Electronic Express

We carry major brands like GE, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, and more! We even carry high-end ranges from luxury brands like Fisher & Paykel, as well as major brands like GE Profile, ZLINE and Monogram.