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Cameras & Camcorders

Capture life’s biggest and littlest moment with a photo camera or camcorder. Whether you are a professional photographer or videography, or just looking to get a point and shoot to take photos with your friends and family, Electronic Express has all your camera needs.


Capture high-quality photos in low light without a flash or attached a telephoto lens for extreme zoom. Either or, Electronic Express has cameras and lenses for whatever you are looking to shoot for. We carry both DSLR and mirrorless cameras, from your favorite brands such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. DSLR cameras are great for artistic shooting because they can create a background blue to isolate your subject, motion blur to show movement, and the photos they capture take very well to editing because they are available in uncompressed form. Point and shoot cameras allow you to take higher quality photos compared to your smartphone. Dedicated cameras have larger digital sensors than a smartphone, which allows them to take higher resolution pictures with increased low light performance. You also get a bright flash on most models, which will easily out-compete a smartphone, especially at distance. The other great benefit is that you have a real optical zoom. Zooming on most phones is really just stretching the image, whereas a camera has a real zoom lens for better quality. We also carry instant cameras such as an easy to use, Polaroid camera. Many of the cameras we carry are also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable, meaning you can take a photo and instantly upload it to your favorite social media websites.


Strap on an action camera to record your on-the-go movements, or use a handheld camcorder to capture life with zoom. From camcorders, action cams, and dash cam we have something that can capture every moment. Camcorders are compact yet capable and ready to film in nearly any scenario. Whether you’re recording home videos, events, or recitals, a camcorder is a great way to capture it all. Dash and backup cameras are great for cars and to record long driving trips.


Get the accessories you need to keep recording! We have high capacity memory cards, replacement batteries, tripods to go hands-free, and a camera bag to hold it all in. We also carry a wide variety of camera lenses.