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LG Studio Crafted to Fit Your Vision Lifestyle
Crafted to Fit Your Vision

LG STUDIO refrigerators are designed to fit your dream kitchen.

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LG Studio Open Refrigerator

Cool Guard metal interior panel walls help maintain temperature while adding a premium look surrounded by LG STUDIO's charcoal gray interior.

LG Studio Round Ice Cubes

Enjoy LG's 2-inch round slow-melting Craft Ice, crushed ice or regular cubed ice.

LG Studio Man by Refrigerator

Knock twice to see what's in your STUDIO fridge with InstaView® Door-in-Door®

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LG Studio Crafted for Your Creativity
Crafted for Your Creativity

LG STUDIO cooking appliances help you cook outside of the ordinary.

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LG Studio Oven

Updated handle design and finishes add style to your space.

LG Studio Man coking with Oven Range

The spacious cooktop features one brass burner for a unique look.

LG Studio Burner Knobs

The sleek burner knobs illuminate for added convenience.

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LG Studio Crafted for Performance Lifestyle
Crafted for Performance

LG STUDIO dishwashers bring serious cleaning power to your kitchen.

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LG Studio Dishwasher

Discrete, Wi-Fi enabled controls let you run the dishwasher when you need to.

LG Studio Woman with Dishwasher

The adjustable 3rd rack fits all your utensils and more.

LG Studio Man Opening up Dishwasher

TrueSteam® technology helps eliminate water spots.

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LG Studio Crafted for Better Care Lifestyle
Crafted for Better Care

LG STUDIO WashTower elevates your laundry room with a space-saving design.

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LG Studio Man Unloading WashTower

The STUDIO WashTower's spacious capacity helps you power through more loads in less time.

LG Studio WashTower Central Control Panel

The WashTower's central control panel gives you easy-reach access to advanced cleaning.

LG Studio Loading WashTower with Detergent

Take the guesswork out of laundry settings with AI technology that selects care cycles for each load.

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