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Friedrich Room Air Conditioner Rebates

Room Air Conditioner Rebates

Thank you for your purchase of a Friedrich air conditioner. If you have purchased one of the models listed here, you may qualify for a $20-$80 manufacturer rebate.To be eligible, you must have purchased the unit from an Authorized Friedrich Dealer* between March 1 and August 31, 2023. To find an Authorized Friedrich Dealer near you, or to confirm that your purchase meets this qualification, please visit, click on ‘CONSUMER’- ‘WHERE TO BUY’ and search by address, city/state or zip code.

Use the online submission to get your rebate!

Applying is easy as 1-2-3. Apply online – confirmation & receipt – get paid!
  1. To apply, go to and click the ‘Submit your Rebate’. You will be asked for the following information:
    • Purchase date
    • The Authorized Friedrich Dealer where you purchased your unit. Please note, the Dealer name you select must match the dealer on your sales receipt.
    • Model number
    • Serial number**
    • Mailing & contact information Once you have entered all the necessary information, click ‘Apply for Rebate’.
  2. . Fill-out the online rebate submission form and select how you would like to submit your receipt:

    1. Online: Upload your receipt (JPG, PNG, GIF, or PDF)
    2. Mail in: Mail in a copy of the sales receipt along with a copy of your email confirmation to Friedrich Air Conditioning 10001 Reunion Place, San Antonio, TX 78216.

    These must be received in order to finalize your rebate claim and they must be postmarked no later than September 30, 2023.

  3. Upon review & acceptance of your submission, we’ll mail you a check. Please allow 6-8 weeks for payment from the time we receive your confirmation and sales receipt.

*Purchases made from an Authorized HVAC Distributor, Parts Dealer, Service & Repair or Manufacturer’s Rep Firm DO NOT qualify for a rebate.

** The serial number will be either four letters followed by five numbers (ABCZ87654); or four numbers, one letter, and five numbers (1712A00123), and can be found on the UPC Label on the box/carton your unit came in. You will also have the option of taking a photo of the barcode with your mobile device. You can also find it behind the filter of the unit on a barcode label.



  • CCW18B30B/A
  • CCW24B30B/A
  • CEW18B33A
  • CEW24B33A
  • CCV10A10A
  • CCV12A10A
  • CCV15A10A
  • CCV18A30A
  • CCV24A30A
  • CCW10B10B/A
  • CCW12B10B/A
  • CCW15B10B/A
  • CEW08B11A
  • CEW12B33A
  • ZCP08SA
  • ZCP10SA
  • ZCP12SA
  • ZCP12DB
  • ZHP14DB
  • CCF05B/A10A
  • CCF06B/A10A
  • CCF08B/A10A
  • CCF10B/A10A
  • CCF12B/A10A
  • CCV08A10A
  • CCW06B10B
  • CCW08B10B
  • UCT08B/A10A
  • UCT10B/A10A
  • UCT12B/A10A
  • UCT10A30B
  • UCT10B30A
  • UCT12B/A30A
  • UCT14A30B
  • UCT14B30A
  • UET08A11A
  • UET10A33A
  • UET12A33A
  • UET14A33A
  • D35B1B/A
  • D50B1B/A
offer expires: 09/30/2023

Qualifying Products