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Yamaha YSP1 view 1
Yamaha Multichannel Digital Surround Sound Projector - OPEN BOX
EE Model #: YSP1
UPC/EAN: 027108921426

Yamaha Multichannel Digital Surround Sound Projector - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: YSP1
UPC/EAN: 027108921426

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At a Glance

  • Multichannel Surround Sound
  • 42 digital amplifiers
  • 40 sound beam drivers and two woofers
  • 5.1-channel sound
  • Compact and slim profile
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Delivers all the sound data from DVDs, digital broadcasts and other media
  • Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo:6 compatibility.

What's in the Box

  • YSP1 unit
  • User's Manual

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Yamaha YSP1 view 1
Yamaha YSP1 view 1

Manufacturer's Description

Product Description

Long before Yamaha became known for audio equipment, it was a music company renowned for making some of the most impressive pianos in the world. Yamaha has become the world's largest producer of musical instruments and is also a leader and innovator in the field of electronic instruments. In short, Yamaha is a company driven by a love of natural sound, and a mandate to improve it.Which is why Yamaha doesn't take the design and production of home audio components lightly and the YSP1 is no exception. This single component houses 42 transducers, each driven by a separate digital amplifier, to create a true multi-channel surround sound environment minus all the extra speakers.

Get the surround sound experience without the need for multiple speakers or an expensive, awkward home theater setup. The YSP1 offers true multi-channel surround sound from a single component. The unit houses 42 individual speakers, each driven by a separate digital amplifier, to create a true multi-channel surround environment. The digital sound projector technology used in this compact system controls the direction of sound from its speakers by focusing it into beams. When sound reflects off the walls in the room, it sounds like there are actually speakers behind and to the side of the listener. These multi-channel sound beams are created using sophisticated algorithms that take advantage of controlled sound dispersions to sculpt the multi-channel experience.

The slim and stylish YSP1 is ideal for use with advanced home theater displays. It works in a variety of room configurations, including corner placement. The elegant, self-contained design makes additional speakers and wires entirely unnecessary. YSP1 will appeal to anyone with a desire for true multi-channel sound from a neat, uncluttered, unobtrusive home theatre system.

YSP1 easily connects to existing components with its two optical (digital), one coaxial (digital), and two stereo (analog) inputs. The preset remote can also control TVs and DVD players. For advanced customization, an RS-232C interface has been incorporated into the design. Although a subwoofer is not required, a subwoofer output is provided.

What's in the Box

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Product Specifications

Home Theater in a Box

Player Type:
Sound Projector

Bluetooth Compatible:


Dolby Digital / DTS Decoder:

Composite RCA (In/Out):

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