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IRIS Pen 7 Executive Portable and USB-powered Digital Pen
EE Model #: 457887
UPC/EAN: 765010730490

IRIS Pen 7 Executive Portable and USB-powered Digital Pen

EE Model #: 457887
UPC/EAN: 765010730490

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At a Glance

  • Converts Printed Info into Digital Text
  • Recognition for 130 Languages
  • Translate Text into 55 Languages
  • Text-to-Speech Function for 55 Languages
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Works with Word Processors
  • Table Separator Mode Functionality
  • Can Scan Images
  • USB Powered
  • Compatible with Windows

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IRIS 457887 view 1
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Product Description

Convert printed words and documents into easily manageable digital text with the IRISPen Executive 7 Pen Scanner from IRIS. The scanner is handled much like you would use a highlighter, scanning through documents line-by-line to record the information. The IRISPen will then send this data directly to your PC and will work with any text-based software due to its ability to function as a keyboard emulator. The IRISPen also works with smaller images and logos and there is a table separator mode function. There is a smart wizard available to guide users through the process of scanning images, numbers, or small images. Over 130 languages can be recognized with the IRISPen Executive 7 and over 55 can be translated. This unit also features smart voice synthesis, or a text-to-speech function, for 55 languages. Additionally, 19 different barcode types can be recognized, including CMC7, and the device is powered and connected over USB. The unit is compatible with Windows-based machines and includes a 30-day trial of IRISCompressor Pro for converting images into standard searchable PDFs up to 10 times smaller than their original size.

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