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PNY PSDU32G10GE view 1
PNY 32 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card - OPEN BOX
EE Model #: PSDU32G10GE
Manufacturer Model #: P-SDU32G10-GE
UPC/EAN: 751492498263

PNY 32 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: PSDU32G10GE
Manufacturer Model #: P-SDU32G10-GE
UPC/EAN: 751492498263



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At a Glance

  • Professional 32GB High Speed microSDHC flash memory cards are capable of handling all your mobile photos and HD video.
  • Class 10 performance for high speed transfer rates. Functions with all SDHC host devices.
  • Ideal for the latest hi-megapixel cameras and HD camcorders. Capture and store more photos and videos faster
  • Includes a full-size SDHC adapter for use in all SDHC host devices such as digital cameras, camcorders and laptop PCs.
  • One-year warranty. For full details visit pny's website

    What's in the Box

    • PNY 32 GB microSDHC card

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    PNY PSDU32G10GE view 1
    PNY PSDU32G10GE view 1

    Manufacturer's Description

    The Latest on Computers & Tablets

    Product Description

    Expand the horizons of your mobile device with PNY's High Speed MicroSDHC Flash Memory Cards.

    PNY's line of High Speed MicroSDHC flash memory cards are perfect for the latest smartphones, tablets, and action cameras. Add more storage to your mobile device and enjoy more mobile content such as apps, eBooks, web video, music and movies. High Speed MicroSDHC cards are rated Class 10 which guarantees fast transfer speeds so you can quickly transfer and share your content while you're on the go.

    What does 10MB/s speed performance and Class 10 mean for me?

    PNY's Class 10 cards are rated at 10MB/s, offering much higher performance than standard Class 4 cards.

    Smartphone/Tablet users: The Class 10 card will allow you to store more apps and other programs/media files that eat up valuable space on your device's internal memory while enhancing your smartphone's overall performance. Class 10 cards provide users with faster storage to transfer large amounts of files quickly between a mobile device and PC.

    Action Camera users: This card's 10MB/s read and write speed performance will help you capture more action shots in a variety of settings. These cameras require ultra-fast cards in order to enhance your video's quality, and PNY offers the performance you need. Feel confident you're getting all the action with PNY's high speed MicroSDHC cards.

    What is Class 10 Speed Rating?

    The SD Association has created and defined multiple speed classes to help you identify speed and performance capabilities/minimum requirements of MicroSD/MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC cards and their host products. Speeds are reflected in megabytes per second (MB/s).

    The Latest on Computers & Tablets

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    Product Specifications

    Storage Type:

    Storage Capacity:
    32 GB

    Write Speed:
    10 megabytes per second

    Class Rating:

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