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Games Workshop GW4001 view 1
Games Workshop Warhammer 40K: Leviathan 10th Edition Starter Set
EE Model #: GW4001
Manufacturer Model #: 40-01

Games Workshop Warhammer 40K: Leviathan 10th Edition Starter Set

EE Model #: GW4001
Manufacturer Model #: 40-01



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At a Glance

  • Expand Your Warhammer Collection
  • 72 Piece Set
  • Assemble, Prepare, and Paint Your Models
  • Leviathan Campaign

    What's in the Box

    • 25 Space Marine
    • Captain in Terminator Armor
    • Lieutenant with Combi-Weapon
    • Apothecary Biologis
    • Ballistus Dreadnaught
    • 5 Terminators
    • 5 Sternguard Veterans
    • 10 infernus Marines
    • 47 Tyranids
    • Winged Tyranid Prime
    • Neurotyrant
    • 2 Neurolids
    • Screamer-Killer
    • Psychophage
    • 3 Von Ryan's Leapers
    • 5 Barbgaunts
    • 11 Neurogaunts
    • 20 Termagants
    • 2 Ripper Swarms
    • Space Marine Transfer Sheet
    • 66-Card Chapter Approved: Leviathan Mission
    • Documentation

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    Games Workshop GW4001 view 1
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    Games Workshop GW4001 view 5
    Games Workshop GW4001 view 1
    Games Workshop GW4001 view 2
    Games Workshop GW4001 view 3
    Games Workshop GW4001 view 4
    Games Workshop GW4001 view 5

    Product Description

    392-Page Hardback Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan Book

    Discover the dark lore and bleak dystopian setting of Warhammer 40,000, and learn to master magnificent armies of valiant warriors, terrifying aliens, and more on the battlefield. This vast tome includes all of the game’s core rules, fully updated for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, along with rules for the new Combat Patrol format. This exclusive edition also includes rules for the Crusade campaign system, allowing you to play out narrative games and develop your army from inexperienced recruits to stalwart veterans over the course of multiple battles as they fight in the Tyrannic War.

    72x Plastic Push-Fit Citadel Miniature

    At the heart of the Leviathan set are two armies of brand-new miniatures, each cleverly designed so they can be pushed together without the need for glue. Each force includes a flexible range of powerful units armed with devastating weaponry and wargear, and can easily be bolstered with additional reinforcements to act as the elite core of a larger army.

    25x Space Marines

    Genetically engineered supersoldiers clad in inviolable armour and equipped with the finest wargear in the Imperium – the Space Marines are the Emperor’s Angels of Death.

    1x Captain in Terminator Armour

    A superlative commander and highly skilled warrior, this Captain in Terminator Armour leads his elite battle-brothers to war.

    1x Lieutenant with Combi-Weapon

    A veteran infiltrator and accomplished assassin, this Lieutenant specialises in fighting behind enemy lines and hunting down Tyranids.

    1x Librarian in Terminator Armour

    A psychic specialist clad in formidable armour, this Librarian uses his otherworldly powers to smite foes and augment allies.

    1x Apothecary Biologis

    An experienced medical officer, the Biologis collects battlefield samples for analysis, guiding their fellow Space Marines in the best ways to kill enemies.

    1x Ballistus Dreadnought

    Piloted by a fallen hero of the Chapter, this hulking war machine is a walking gun emplacement that supports its brothers with heavy firepower.

    5x Terminators

    These elite warriors who accompany their Captain into the heart of the battle, protected by Tactical Dreadnought armour and deployed via teleport technology.

    5x Sternguard Veterans

    These expert marksmen gun down their foes with a variety of bolter weapons, displaying all the skill expected of such decorated warriors.

    10 Infernus Marines

    These close assault specialists purge swathes of the enemy with incandescent firestorms, unleashed from their deadly pyreblasters.

    47x Tyranids

    Driven by the imperatives of the almighty Hive Mind, Tyranid swarms sweep over world after world – a tide of biological killing machines that seek to devour every last shred of living matter.

    1x Winged Tyranid Prime

    Swooping down on leathery wings, this alpha war-beast rends and tears its foes with wicked talons.

    1x Neurotyrant and 2x Neuroloid

    A floating monster that radiates a terrifying psychic Shadow in the Warp, the Neurotyrant drives prey into screaming madness.

    1x Screamer-Killer

    Named for the distinctive howl of its bio-plasmic blasts, this Screamer-Killer is a monstrosity engineered for the forefront of Tyranid assaults.

    1x Psychophage

    This voracious creature stampedes into battle with frightening speed, with a particular taste for foes marked by psychic powers.

    3x Von Ryan's Leapers

    These swift and skulking predators dart from cover to launch deadly ambushes, bringing down unwary prey in an instant.

    5x Barbgaunts

    These beasts are little more than living weapons, Barbgaunts march into battle while laying down volleys of jagged projectiles that slow down anything which survives the attack.

    11x Neurogaunts

    Scuttling forward in seething masses, these creatures are spawned to protect and amplify the synaptic node beasts of the invasion swarm.

    20x Termagants

    These swarming predators harry their prey with hails of firepower, seeking to outflank their enemies and erode their numbers.

    2x Ripper Swarms

    Simple eating machines, these chitinous horrors swarm over the wounded and dead alike, and in sufficient numbers can even drag down trained warriors.

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