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Jura 24234 view 1
Jura CLEARYL Smart+ Filter
EE Model #: 24234
Manufacturer Model #: 24234
UPC/EAN: 794151412095

Jura CLEARYL Smart+ Filter

EE Model #: 24234
Manufacturer Model #: 24234
UPC/EAN: 794151412095



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At a Glance

  • The intelligent water filter with an extra plus
  • Even better hygiene and cleanliness
  • Suitable for all types of mains water
  • Automatic filter detection

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    • CLEARYL Smart+ Filter
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    Jura 24234 view 1
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    Jura 24234 view 1
    Jura 24234 view 2
    Jura 24234 view 3
    Jura 24234 view 4
    Jura 24234 view 5

    Product Description

    The intelligent water filter with an extra plus

    Coffee is 98% water. So water of the highest quality is essential to creating the best possible coffee experience. The CLEARYL Smart+ from JURA further revolutionises water filtration. The water filter technology ensures greater hygiene in the coffee machine, starting in the water tank itself. By choosing CLEARYL Smart+ you enhance the protection, product safety and service life of your coffee machine, so you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee – every time.

    At the lower end of the CLEARYL filter cartridge, there is a capsule of natural active ingredients that stabilise the water in the tank, reducing limescale deposits at the base of the tank. It functions entirely through the natural movement of water in the tank, which continuously flows gently through the capsule without the need for additional energy or a special mechanism. As before, the upper part of the CLEARYL filter cartridge uses ion exchange and active carbon with the up-flow principle to filter exactly the right amount of water for the perfect cup of coffee.

    Thanks to RFID technology, the machine also recognises whether a filter has been inserted and automatically activates the appropriate mode. It continually collects information about filter use and alerts the user when the filter capacity has been exhausted. This not only makes changing the filter easier than ever before, but also allows the CLEARYL Smart+ to achieve optimum effectiveness.

    Even better hygiene and cleanliness

    CLEARYL Smart+ enhances the tried-and-tested professional up-flow principle, which filters exactly the amount of water required every time you make a coffee, with the addition of a capsule containing natural active ingredients. And the 'plus'? The natural movement of the water causes it to continuously flow gently through the capsule, stabilising it through contact. The result is less limescale and maximum cleanliness in the water tank.

    Suitable for all types of mains water

    Thanks to the innovative formula, the filter cartridges are suitable for mains water anywhere in the world. The highly effective granule constantly filters calcium carbonate to an optimum level (even when the water hardness is low) and reduces the level of harmful and flavour-impairing substances, such as chlorine, more efficiently than ever before. It retains important minerals, which help to carry the flavour. The optimum stabilisation of the calcium carbonate level in the water tank, combined with efficient filtration when a coffee is prepared, ensures optimum hygiene and water quality for the perfect coffee aroma.

    Automatic filter detection

    To enable the filter and coffee machine to communicate, JURA uses modern RFID technology. Any machine fitted with the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) recognises when a filter is inserted, automatically switches to filter mode and starts the rinsing process. When the filter capacity is nearly used up, the machine prompts the user to change the filter. If the filter is not changed, the machine activates descaling mode. After a certain amount of use, the user is prompted to descale the machine. This can only be done when the filter is removed, so there is no more risk of user error resulting from misunderstandings.

    Treat yourself and your JURA machine to the CLEARYL Smart+ and see the many benefits for yourself. We are offering the set of three filters at an attractive special price. Experience unique hygiene and truly exceptional coffee in a new dimension.

    Filter capacity

    CLEARYL provides the ideal water quality for the perfect speciality coffees. The capacity of the filter cartridge depends on the water hardness.

    • At 1-5° dH: up to 65 l
    • At 6-10° dH: up to 60 l
    • At 11-15° dH: up to 55 l
    • At 16-20° dH: up to 50 l
    • At 21-25° dH: up to 45 l
    • At 26-30° dH: up to 40 l

    Consistently perfect coffee thanks to TÜV-certified hygiene

    JURA coffee machines were certified as extremely hygienic by independent international testing organization TÜV Rheinland in accordance with its own strict criteria. This proves that JURA maintenance products, precisely formulated to be effective with the electronically controlled programs, guarantee TÜV-certified hygiene and cleanliness for every JURA coffee machine.

    Limescale causes faults and impairs flavor

    When water is heated, limescale is deposited. Pipes narrowed by limescale not only slow down the heating process and therefore consume more energy, but may even cause the machine to break down completely. Limescale also has a negative effect on the coffee itself. Although a small amount of calcium carbonate is important to the flavor of coffee, too much gives the water an unpleasant aftertaste and prevents the coffee aromas from developing as they should, partly due to fluctuating water temperatures.

    ​CLEARYL removes the need for descaling

    The right water is crucial to the taste of the coffee because coffee consists in fact of 98 % water. In addition to calcium, minerals and fluorides, the tap water in many areas contains traces of lead, copper, aluminium and chlorine. Positioned directly in the water tank, the CLEARYL filter freshly filters the water every time coffee is prepared. It completely absorbs harmful substances while retaining important fluorides, which help the flavours to really develop. With the optimum water quality, every cup of coffee becomes a full-bodied taste experience. CLEARYL eliminates the need to descale the machine.

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