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Casio GGB1001A view 1
Casio G-shock MudMaster Watch - Black
EE Model #: GGB1001A
Manufacturer Model #: GGB100-1A
UPC/EAN: 889232235486

Casio G-shock MudMaster Watch - Black

EE Model #: GGB1001A
Manufacturer Model #: GGB100-1A
UPC/EAN: 889232235486


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At a Glance

  • Mud Resist Structure (Dust-Resistant, Mud-Resistant)
  • Quad sensor (Thermometer, Altimeter, Digital Compass, Step Counter)
  • Super Illuminator Auto Double LED Light
  • Smartphone Link
  • Shock Resistant
  • G-Shock App

    What's in the Box

    • G-shock MudMaster Watch - Black
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    Casio GGB1001A view 1
    Casio GGB1001A view 2
    Casio GGB1001A view 3
    Casio GGB1001A view 1
    Casio GGB1001A view 2
    Casio GGB1001A view 3

    Manufacturer's Description

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    Product Description

    From the MASTER OF G Series MUDMASTER, the watch that is designed and engineered to withstand rough land environments, come carbon resin models that incorporate a new type of structure. The case is made of high-rigidity carbon material to protect against damage and deformation due to impact and other rough treatment, while metal button pipes ensure a tighter seal against the external environment. A filter further protects against the invasion of mud, for the high level of dust and mud resistance required when in severe environments. In addition, the dual back cover consists of a stainless steel panel back and an outer cover made of shock resistant fine resin embedded with glass fibers.

    The bezel is formed of three layers of fine resin with carbon fiber inserts. The top layer is transparent, resulting in a bezel that shows the embedded carbon material.

    Quad Sensor capabilities use compact sensors that make it possible to pack compass, altitude/barometer, and temperature measurements, along with an accelerometer that keeps track of your step count, into a compact configuration. This provides the outdoor adventurer with the means to keep track of the surrounding environment while on the go.

    A special G-SHOCK app, which simplifies configuration of watch settings, also includes a new Mission Function. The app automatically records altitude data measured by the watch and route information acquired by a smartphone's GPS. Manually obtained altitude points can be plotted on your route.

    Altitude measurement and the step count are used to perform consumed calorie calculations that take up and down grades into consideration, and to record the results in an activity log.

    A watch button operation can be used to record your current location with the app. Then the second hand indicates the bearing to the recorded location, while the digital display shows the distance to the location.

    These new models also support Mode Switching Customization.

    You can use the app to enable or disable modes individually so only enabled modes appear. You can even specify the sequence to be used when displaying the modes.

    Carbon Core Guard Structure

    This new shock resistant structure protects modules with a carbon fiber reinforced resin case.

    Mud Resistant Structure

    Highly airtight carbon case and filter protects against intrusion of mud.

    Dual Layered Case

    Carbon Fiber Inserted Bezel

    A triple layered structure with a carbon fiber sheet inserted between fine resin.

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