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Noco 12 Volt Plug with Eyelet Terminals - OPEN BOX
EE Model #: GC018-OBX

Noco 12 Volt Plug with Eyelet Terminals - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: GC018-OBX


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At a Glance

  • Power your favorite 12-volt devices, like a tire inflator, vacuum, coffee maker and more.
  • Lie-flat design for seamless installations with M10 (3/8-inch) hole size.
  • Water resistant cap to protect the female socket from the elements.
  • Built-in fused connection for protection against short circuit.
  • High-conductivity 16 AWG copper wire and rated capacity of 15-amperes.
  • Molded strain reliefs prevent unwanted strain on the wire connections.

    What's in the Box

    • 12-Volt Plug with Eyelet Terminals
    • Documentation

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    Noco GC018-OBX view 1
    Noco GC018-OBX view 2
    Noco GC018-OBX view 3
    Noco GC018-OBX view 4
    Noco GC018-OBX view 1
    Noco GC018-OBX view 2
    Noco GC018-OBX view 3
    Noco GC018-OBX view 4

    Product Description

    OPEN BOX | Pickup Only; call for availability

    The 12V Plug with Eyelet Terminals permanently connects directly to your battery with integrated eyelet terminals (3/8-inch). Easily power your favorite 12-volt devices directly from your battery, like a tire inflator, vacuum, coffee maker, fan, cooler and more. It features fused connections for increased safety, and a water-resistant cap to protect the 12-volt female socket from the elements. Made from a high-conductivity 16AWG 100-percent copper wire and a rated capacity of 15-amperes.

    Expand your capabilities.

    More ways to power your 12-volt accessories.

    Whether you are powering a 12-volt tire pump or portable fan, having the right accessories can extend the reach of your devices, power higher current devices or power multiple devices at one time.

    Set the bar low.

    A low positioned eyelet allows for a superior connection.

    Along with a better battery connection, a low set eyelet reduces the risk of bending or damaging the eyelet or terminal post, which provides for a longer lasting and better quality product.

    Safety first.

    An added layer of protection.

    Sometimes electrical systems can overload or short-circuit if not used correctly (like pushing too much power, or jamming the cord in your door or hood). Although those situations are rare, the fuse is there to stop any potential harm to you or damage to your equipment.

    12 volt power.

    Connect directly to your battery to create a 12V port anywhere.

    Riding your motorcycle or just need another 12v port outside the car? By hooking up the clamps to your battery it will give you access to a 12V port wherever you may need one.

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