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Naztech SpeedMax 68W Gan Wall Charger
EE Model #: 15483
Manufacturer Model #: 15483
UPC/EAN: 633755154836

Naztech SpeedMax 68W Gan Wall Charger

EE Model #: 15483
Manufacturer Model #: 15483
UPC/EAN: 633755154836


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At a Glance

  • Gallium Nitride for High Electron Mobility
  • The GaN Advantage
  • Charge for The Future
  • Intelligent Dual Output
  • What is PD?
  • High-Speed Power for Laptops
  • 18W USB Adaptive Fast Charge
  • Universal Device Compatibility
  • Use with The Right Cable
  • IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology

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  • Naztech SpeedMax 68W Gan Wall Charger
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Naztech 15483 view 1
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Naztech 15483 view 3
Naztech 15483 view 4
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Product Description

Gallium Nitride for High Electron Mobility

The full power of a laptop charger and an ultra-fast phone charger, in half the size of a laptop power brick. The low-profile SpeedMax68 takes up barely any space, fits discreetly in any bag, and its noticeably powerful dual fast-charging outputs double the utility of a single outlet – that's the advantage of gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology.

The GaN Advantage

The crystalline gallium nitride-based transistors in the SpeedMax68 carry higher amounts of electricity much faster than any silicon-based charger physically can, and they build up less heat in the process. The operating efficiency and heat-resistant nature of GaN components has allowed us to safely pack a powerful dual charger into a lightweight case smaller than a pad of sticky notes.

Charge for The Future

The efficiency of GaN goes hand-in-hand with sustainability and reliability. More efficient semiconduction means less energy is consumed in every charge, because all that power is going directly to your devices instead. And by combining two chargers into one small unit, the SpeedMax68 uses 43% less material than an equivalent pair of chargers – and it will last a lifetime.

Intelligent Dual Output

Consolidate your chargers and save space in your bag – power up your laptop and fast charge your phone at the same time with simultaneous 50W USB-C PD and 18W Adaptive Fast Charge outputs, or fast charge two phones at once without compromising on speed.

What is PD?

USB-C Power Delivery (PD) enables super-fast charge speeds by transferring higher voltages over a shorter period of time. This is perfect for an ultrabook laptop battery, but don’t worry about overpowering your phone – the instant you plug in, the PD charger and your PD-compatible device communicate to establish the exact level of high-power output that your device can safely receive.

High-Speed Power for Laptops

With the single 60W PD output, this ultra-fast charger can power a 14” MacBook Pro from 0 to 50% in just an hour on standby – and deliver enough power to charge up the laptop while you’re still using it. Devices that don’t support PD will still charge safely at the fastest speed possible.

18W USB Adaptive Fast Charge

Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC) Technology can power up most current smartphones much, much faster than standard USB chargers.

Universal Device Compatibility

Compatible with a superior wide array of devices, including MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Dell/HP/Lenovo USB-C Laptops, tablets, and more.

Use with The Right Cable

Get the fastest charge possible with the right cable. Compatible with USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning, USB to Lightning, USB to USB-C cables, and USB to Micro USB cables.

IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology

Get the protections of PD and AFC for all your devices that aren’t fast charge-compatible. IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology automatically recognizes your devices’ exact charging needs and modifies the flow of power to prevent damage, reduce energy waste, and preserve the lifespan of their batteries.

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