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Hisense 75U7G view 1
Hisense 75 inch U7G 4K ULED™ Android Smart TV OPEN BOX
EE Model #: 75U7G
Manufacturer Model #: 75U7G
UPC/EAN: 888143010434

Hisense 75 inch U7G 4K ULED™ Android Smart TV OPEN BOX

EE Model #: 75U7G
Manufacturer Model #: 75U7G
UPC/EAN: 888143010434

$2299.99 $1299.99

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At a Glance

  • 4K ULED ™
  • Quantum Dot Color
  • Game Mode Pro
  • Ultra Motion and 120Hz Native Refresh Rate
  • Dolby Vision™ – Dolby Atmos®
  • IMAX Enhanced and DTS®
  • Peak Brightness/Full Array Local Dimming Zones
  • Google Assistant
  • Backlit Voice Remote
  • Hands Free Voice Control

What's in the Box

  • 75 inch U7G 4K ULED™ Hisense Android Smart TV
  • Voice Remote
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Cord

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Hisense 75U7G view 1
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Hisense 75U7G view 6
Hisense 75U7G view 1
Hisense 75U7G view 2
Hisense 75U7G view 3
Hisense 75U7G view 4
Hisense 75U7G view 5
Hisense 75U7G view 6

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Product Description

The TV that’s made for gamers.

Sure, it’s great for Netflix, the big game and the real housewives of wherever. But the U7G is made for the gamers. Game Mode Pro makes controller commands instant. And less lag means easier frags. With the help of high-speed HDMI inputs, Automatic Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate, gaming is smooth like butter. You get instant response times, minimal motion blur and halo effects. So your gaming looks sick, even if you suck.

Sharper, smoother pictures

4K greatness, but better. The U7G has our exclusive ULED technologies. They boost color, contrast, brightness, motion… we could go on. It’s the TV your old TV wants to be.

Over one billion colors

Quantum Dot produces over one billion colors, purer, richer, more brilliant and accurate colors than a regular LCD TV. We could get into how it works. But it’s a lot easier to say it makes everything you watch look like the 4th of July.

Comes in three sizes

The U7G comes in three screen sizes to suit different rooms and budgets. Take your pick from 55, 65 and 75-inch screens. Each one has all the features you need to produce incredible detail in even the most full-throttle gaming, full-on sports and action-packed movies.

Game Mode Pro

All the most advanced gaming tech, all in this TV, including high speed HDMI inputs and software that recognize gaming sequences to automatically adjust settings for smooth, uninterrupted play. The Automatic Low Latency Mode, Variable Refresh Rate and FreeSync minimize input lag, screen jitter, and frame tearing.

Ultra Motion and 120Hz Native Refresh Rate

Ultra Motion removes the digital ‘noise’ that can affect moving objects. So, everything you see is exceptionally clear. Enjoy smoother gaming with pictures that keep up with your play thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate.

Dolby Vision™ – Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos sound are cinema technology for your home. They provide amazing realism you can see and hear in every scene.

IMAX Enhanced and DTS®

Bring the cinema experience home. Combines digitally remastered 4K HDR content and DTS audio technologies with the best consumer products and streaming platforms. Built for people who want a more premier, at-home experience.

Peak Brightness/Full Array Local Dimming Zones

Screen brightness is measured in nits. One nit is as bright as one candle. The higher the nit rating, the brighter the screen. The average TV is 250-350 nits. Anything over 500 nits is extremely good. This is up to up-to-1,000 nits peak brightness across 72 local dimming zones.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is built into Android TV. Tell it to turn on the lights, change the thermostat, add stuff to your grocery list, or just play your favorite video. The U7G also works with Alexa through any of your Alexa-enabled devices.

Backlit Voice Remote

Makes controlling your TV easier. Open apps, turn the volume up or down, search for your favorite shows. And if the actual remote goes missing, use the buttons on the TV to activate ‘Find My Remote’. Five bucks says it’s down the back of the couch.

Hands Free Voice Control

With built-in microphones, you can change the channel, find the latest movie, stream your favorite video and more with your voice. The quicker, easier way to find whatever you want to watch, without touching a remote.

The U7G is the perfect combination of form and function. Expect a totally immersive experience that starts with 4K resolution, then takes things to the next level with features like high speed HDMI and Auto Low Latency Mode that support the power of the latest generation of games consoles.

Quantum Dot


Local Dimming

Ultra Motion

Game Mode

Sports Mode

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Product Specifications

4K Ultra HD

Display Type:
ULED Smart

Smart Assistant:

Screen Size:



Operating System:

WiFi Compatible:
Yes (802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz)

Aspect Ratio:

Bluetooth Compatible:


Ethernet Port:

HDMI Input:
4 (2 HDMI2.1 + 2 HDMI2.0)

USB Support:
1 USB3.0 + 1 USB2.0

Audio Outputs:
1 Digital Audio Out (Optical)

Power Supply:
AC 120V, 50/60Hz

Dimensions With Stand (WxHxD):
66.0" x 41.4" x 14.5"

Dimensions Without Stand (WxHxD):
66.0" x 38" x 3.3"

Wall Mount Compatibility:
VESA 600 x 300

Weight (lbs.):
76.3 lbs

Max. Resolution:
3840 x 2160

Manufacturer's Description

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