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Philips 243V7QJAB view 1
Philips 23.8 inch Full HD LED Monitor
EE Model #: 243V7QJAB
UPC/EAN: 609585251434

Philips 23.8 inch Full HD LED Monitor

EE Model #: 243V7QJAB
UPC/EAN: 609585251434
Philips 243V7QJAB view 1
Philips 243V7QJAB view 2
Philips 243V7QJAB view 1
Philips 243V7QJAB view 2
Philips 243V7QJAB view 1
Philips 243V7QJAB view 2
Philips 243V7QJAB view 1
Philips 243V7QJAB view 2
Philips 243V7QJAB view 1
Philips 243V7QJAB view 2

Product features

  • IPS LED wide view technology
  • 16:9 Full HD display
  • Narrow border display
  • SmartContrast for rich black details

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Manufacturer's Description

IPS LED wide view technology for image and color accuracy

IPS displays use an advanced technology which gives you extra wide viewing angles of 178/178 degree, making it possible to view the display from almost any angle. Unlike standard TN panels, IPS displays gives you remarkably crisp images with vivid colors, making it ideal not only for Photos, movies and web browsing, but also for professional applications which demand color accuracy and consistent brightness at all times.

16:9 Full HD display for crisp detailed images

Picture quality matters. Regular displays deliver quality, but you expect more. This display features enhanced Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. With Full HD for crisp detail paired with high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colors expect a true to life picture.

h3>Narrow border display for a seamless appearance

SmartContrast for rich black details

SmartContrast is a Philips technology that analyzes the contents you are displaying, automatically adjusting colors and controlling backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast for the best digital images and videos or when playing games where dark hues are displayed. When Economy mode is selected, contrast is adjusted and backlighting fine-tuned for just-right display of everyday office applications and lower power consumption.

SmartImage presets for easy optimized image settings

SmartImage is an exclusive leading edge Philips technology that analyzes the content displayed on your screen and gives you optimized display performance. This user friendly interface allows you to select various modes like Office, Photo, Movie, Game, Economy etc., to fit the application in use. Based on the selection, SmartImage dynamically optimizes the contrast, color saturation and sharpness of images and videos for ultimate display performance. The Economy mode option offers you major power savings. All in real time with the press of a single button!

Less eye fatigue with Flicker-free technology

Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED-backlit screens, some users experience flicker on their screen which causes eye fatigue. Philips Flicker-free Technology applies a new solution to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for more comfortable viewing.

LowBlue Mode for easy on-the-eyes productivity

Studies have shown that just as ultra-violet rays can cause eye damage, shortwave length blue light rays from LED displays can cause eye damage and affect vision over time. Developed for wellbeing, Philips LowBlue Mode setting uses a smart software technology to reduce harmful shortwave blue light.

Built-in speakers for audio without desktop clutter

A pair of stereo speakers built into a display device. It can be visible front firing, or invisible down firing, top firing, rear firing, etc depending on model and design.

SmartConnect with DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA connections

With a plethora of connectivity, these Philips displays come equipped with multi connections like VGA, Display Port, universal HDMI connector, enabling you to enjoy high resolution uncompressed video and audio content. USB connections ensures that you can have super speed data transfers while having global connectivity. Regardless of what source you use, you can rest assured that this Philips display will ensure your investment is not made obsolete any time soon!


Monitor Screen Size:

Max. Resolution:
1920 x 1080

Aspect Ratio:

Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) :

Dynamic Contrast Ratio:
10,000,000 : 1

Native Contrast Ratio:

Response Time:

Panel Refresh Rate:

Dimensions (WHD):
21.3" x 16.3" x 8.2"

Weight (lbs.):

Recommended Protection Plans for Philips 243V7QJAB:

Protect your new purchase against the risk of untimely and expensive repairs with Alliance Warranty Solutions coverage!

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