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Paww WaveSound 2.1 Bluetooth Headphones
UPC/EAN: 869263000376

Paww WaveSound 2.1 Bluetooth Headphones

UPC/EAN: 869263000376



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At a Glance

  • 2.1 channel headphones
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless
  • 32ms end-to-end latency
  • Connect to two devices simultaneously
  • 16-hour playtime
  • Built-in Microphone

    What's in the Box

    • 1 Paww WaveSound 2.1 headphone system
    • 1 Premium carry case
    • 1 tangle-free 3.5mm headphone cable
    • 1 tangle-free USB charging cable
    • 1 Instruction manual

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    Paww WAVESOUND2BL view 1
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    Manufacturer's Description

    Product Description

    For those who’ve wanted the superior design elements of the Paww audio collection, in a luxurious and lightweight design, we would like to introduce you to the WaveSound 2.1. State of the art wireless technologies, intelligent functions and comfort-enhancing features usually associated with far more expensive earphones have been incorporated in this high quality, yet ultra-affordable model. WaveSound 2.1 headphones give you freedom – listen to your music when, where, and how you want, with gear that makes audio interactive and convenient.

    Bluetooth 4.2

    Paww WaveSound 2.1 uses the latest Bluetooth technology which is 250% faster and has 10x more bandwidth than Bluetooth 4.0. Connect to your devices confidently and quickly, making your audio experiences seamless.

    Bringing Sound to Life

    Enjoy TV, gaming and high-impact digital experiences by combining the CD-quality sound of aptX with the low latency of aptX LL. Paww WaveSound 2.1 is engineered to transform ordinary media into life-like sound. With an end-to-end latency of just 32ms, visual elements are synced with the supporting audio on a real-time basis making WaveSound 2.1 ideal for watching TV with.

    Connect Multiple Devices

    The Paww WaveSound 2.1 allows you to connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously. So whether you want to watch a movie on your tablet, but want to keep an eye on your phone for an important call you're expecting, or want to switch between watching TV and listening to an audiobook on your phone, the WaveSound 2.1 has you covered!

    Technology That Makes a Statement

    With a solid, clean, and luxurious build, the Paww WaveSound 2.1 steals the show. At first glance, these high-tech Bluetooth headphones look delicate, but the robust and sturdy construction is crafted to withstand years of regular use.

    16-hour Playtime

    Count on your audio to be available when you wish. Longer playtime means less downtime, and you can dive into a great soundtrack, game, TV show or other media whenever you please. Never miss a beat with 16 hours of powerful sound quality and reliable operation. The WaveSound 2.1 headphones are more than an accessory, it’s a companion.

    Stay Connected Effortlessly with Hands-Free Calling

    Be the multi-tasking pro that you are with headphones designed to simplify your calls. The built-in microphone and advanced Bluetooth features keep you connected to your Smartphone or other devices without the need to reach for your pockets. Elevate your lifestyle with the WaveSound 2.1 Bluetooth headphones from Paww.

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    Product Specifications



    Wavesound 2.1



    Talk Time (hrs):
    Up to 16 hours

    Earpiece Design:
    Ear-Cup (Over the Ear)

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