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High Sierra Hoodie Travel Pillow
EE Model #: HS1368
UPC/EAN: 843620103641

High Sierra Hoodie Travel Pillow

EE Model #: HS1368
UPC/EAN: 843620103641


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At a Glance

  • Premium Memory Foam
  • Attached Hood
  • Light-Blocking Fabric
  • Warmth Wherever
  • Perfect for Travel

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    • HS1368 Hoodie Travel Pillow
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    High Sierra HS1368 view 1
    High Sierra HS1368 view 1

    Product Description

    Stuck sitting for hours on end? Sleep the time away with no hassle! This essential item combines everything great about a hoodie and a neck pillow into one game-changing travel accessory. Fall right into a deep sleep thanks to the pillow’s premium-grade memory foam, which molds to the shape of the head and neck and keeps its form over hours of use. The foam reacts to neck and head pressure nearly instantly, resulting in a supportive, comfortable experience that standard down- and poly-filled travel pillows are unlikely to match. The hoodie goes the extra step of keeping light—and the gaze of passersby—out. It’s designed with fabric engineered for its light-blocking capabilities. The hood fits snugly over the eyes for nearly all heads, making catching a few Zs mid-flight or mid-ride a real, and comfortable, possibility. It’ll be a warm, relaxing dream too, thanks to this item’s remarkable heat-trapping fabric.

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