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Samsung QN75Q900R view 1
Samsung 75 inch Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV
EE Model #: QN75Q900R
Manufacturer Model #: QN75Q900RBFXZA
UPC/EAN: 887276320212

Samsung 75 inch Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV

EE Model #: QN75Q900R
Manufacturer Model #: QN75Q900RBFXZA
UPC/EAN: 887276320212



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At a Glance

  • Real 8K Resolution
  • 8k AI Upscaling
  • Quantum Processor 8k
  • Quantum HDR 32x
  • 100% Color Volume
  • Ambient Mode

    What's in the Box

    • 75" Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV
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    front view of the samsung 8k smart tv model number qn75q900r
    angled view of the samsung 8k smart tv model number qn75q900r
    side view of the samsung 8k smart tv model number qn75q900r
    overhead view of the samsung 8k smart tv model number qn75q900r
    front view of the samsung 8k smart tv model number qn75q900r
    angled view of the samsung 8k smart tv model number qn75q900r
    side view of the samsung 8k smart tv model number qn75q900r
    overhead view of the samsung 8k smart tv model number qn75q900r

    The Electronic Express Take on the Samsung QN75Q900RBFXZA

    The Flagship of Samsung Class.

    Feast your eyes on the top model of the Samsung Classes. The Q900R is the ultimate true-to-life cinematic experience. Sit in on the perfect reality that the unbelievably gorgeous 75" 8K HDR picture quality will provide. If you thought 4K was out of this world then, in comparison, the Samsung 8K is out of this universe. The resolution of this QLED TV, leaps to groundbreaking details. Details so incredible and realistic, it's as if you can reach out and touch it. The amazing and immeasurable amounts of color explode from the screen, and flow through the entire room, as if it's consuming you into its reality.

    The best HDR out there.


    Quantum HDR 32X excels at being the best in having a high dynamic range of shades, from maximum brilliance, to the deepest of dark details. Whether it's bright or dark scene conditions, you will witness the ultimate amount of clarity. The Direct Full Array 16X presents zones of precision-controlled LEDs that unveil unfathomably deep blacks and pure whites, giving you crisp, and clearness that you couldn't even dream about.

    The revolutionary 8K AI Upscaling

    If that doesn't have you chomping at the bit to experience this revolutionary television for yourself, Samsung has also introduced the 8K AI Upscaling. 8K AI Upscaling, alongside the powerful Quantum Processor 8K will take any original content and remaster it to scale with magnificent 8K details and sharpened definition. These powerful features, along with Intelligent Mode, will optimize sound for every single scene and controls the brightness to not only the room's environment but also customizes content recommendations. This Quantum Dot 8K TV studies what's playing on the screen and will optimize the sound, whether it's commotion by people on the sidelines or even the sounds of faint crickets hidden in the background.

    Hello, Bixby!

    After being overwhelmed with amazement at the revolutionary technology of this QLED TV, Make life simple with using the Oneremote, a remote that automatically detects and controls all of your compatible connected devices and content. If that's enchanting enough, you can control your TV with your voice commands, using Bixby on TV. You can also use the Universal Guide to find streaming content and live TV shows from all of your devices and services on it's very simple, and easy-to-use on-screen guide.

    New and improved Ambient Mode™


    Outside watching TV shows, this Q900R TV has brought back Ambient Mode™, new and improved. Not only can you bring life into the room with Ambient Mode ™'s beautiful masterpieces of astonishing visuals, but now you can mimic the wall pattern behind the Q900R, and with the slim design of the TV, it's as if the TV isn't there!

    A gamer's advantage.

    For those who need an edge over your friends in online gaming, this is the best TV for gaming. This television provides better visibility in dark areas with The Dynamic Black Equalizer. The Dynamic Black Equalizer also uses detailed scene analysis for optimal image quality, leaving you fully prepared for even the toughest online encounters. What, not enough? How about the FreeSync™, (VRR) technology, reducing the lag time and tearing? Nothing will stop you as it gives you the real-time lower-lag gaming speed you need to step your game up.

    Full control of your home with Smartthings


    This great television controls things even outside of itself with Smartthings. This TV takes smart devices to an even more effortless level with a dashboard that can control your smart home devices and appliances. With compatible Smart Speakers, controlling a smart home couldn't get easier. Samsung's Tizen operating system pairs quickly with a range of smart speakers, without any extra connectors. You couldn't ask for more!

    Product Description

    Perfect reality

    Samsung combines 8K HDR true-to-life picture quality, AI Upscaling, stunning design, smart solutions, and connectivity for a revolutionary TV experience.

    Real 8K Resolution

    Samsung QLED 8K Q900's exceptional depth, detail, and high resolution transports you into a new dimension of groundbreaking picture quality.

    Turn what you love into 8K

    With intelligent upscaling developed through AI, QLED 8K converts today's content into stunning 8K for improved details and sharpened definition. Enjoy clear and precise images with 8K-level picture quality, reduced noise, and sharpened definition.

    See the unexpected

    Quantum HDR Together with 8K Resolution, Samsung’s HDR technology delivers maximum brightness to the scenes’ settings and conditions in the room you're watching in. When coupled with the intense blacks made possible through full array local dimming, Quantum HDR scenes appear more dynamic.

    Intelligence redefined

    The Quantum Processor 8K enables today's content to be remastered into stunning 8K detail. It also optimizes sound for each scene, adjusts brightness to the room's environment and customizes content recommendations.

    Larger than life

    Samsung QLED 8K Q900 delivers the super big screen clarity you've been waiting for. With fewer visible pixels, enjoy the feeling of pure immersion, even up close.

    Intelligent sound

    Optimal sounds for each scene QLED 8K analyzes what's playing and automatically optimizes the sound. Hear a pin drop from your favorite movie or the crowd roar in the stands.

    Disappearing act with Ambient Mode

    With Ambient Mode, QLED 8K can mimic the wall pattern behind it to help blend in; plus overlay decorative art, personal photos or helpful information.

    Universal Guide and Bixby

    Spend more time watching and less time searching. QLED Smart Universal Guide lets you easily search shows and movies with your remote or through voice commands, personalizing content recommendations tailored just for you.

    Immersive 8K picture

    The smallest details in every scene come alive with astonishing depth, making it feel like you are there.

    100% Color Volume

    The secret behind color is it may fade in bright scenes; QLED TVs with 100% Color Volume rejuvenate color in challenging content for a brilliant visual experience.

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    Product Specifications

    8K Ultra HD

    Display Type:
    QLED Smart

    Smart Assistant:

    Screen Size:


    WiFi Compatible:

    Aspect Ratio:

    HDMI Input:

    Dimensions With Stand (WxHxD):
    66 x 40.4 x 13.3

    Dimensions Without Stand (WxHxD):
    66 x 38 x 1.4

    Max. Resolution:
    7680 x 4320

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