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Netgear PTV1000 view 1
Netgear Push2TV Wireless Adapter
EE Model #: PTV1000
UPC/EAN: 606449069778

Netgear Push2TV Wireless Adapter

EE Model #: PTV1000
UPC/EAN: 606449069778


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Netgear PTV1000 view 1
Netgear PTV1000 view 1

Product Description

The NETGEAR Push2TV is an easy-to-use TV adapter for Intel® Wireless Display Technology. Push2TV enables you to view whatever is displayed on your laptop screen onto your HDTV, wirelessly. With an intuitive setup and using standard WiFi technology, your laptop screen is ‘pushed’ to your big screen TV without the need for cables stretching across your room.

The NETGEAR Push2TV adapter requires use with an Intel® Wireless Display software enabled laptop and powered by the Intel® Core™ Processor Family.

  • Experience your videos and pictures in HD on your big screen TV - No more crowding around a small laptop screen.
  • Sit back, relax, and experience music, pictures, or videos from your computer, home network, or online.
  • Surf the web from your couch - Access TV shows and movies online, or go anywhere a browser will take you.
  • Quickly and securely connect a laptop PC to a TV without cables.
  • Small and lightweight makes it easy to switch between TVs, or take with you when you travel.

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