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Polk Audio AM1300 view 1
Polk Audio SurroundBar IHT 3000 Home Entertainment System (Black) OPEN BOX
EE Model #: AM1300
UPC/EAN: 747192119515

Polk Audio SurroundBar IHT 3000 Home Entertainment System (Black) OPEN BOX

EE Model #: AM1300
UPC/EAN: 747192119515

$349.50 $99.50

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At a Glance

  • Delivers bigger, fuller sound with no rear speakers. No rear speakers means no messy wiring and no clutter. Just a beautiful, sleek speaker that complements your flat panel TV and a compact subwoofer that sits tucked out of the way.
  • Lightweight easy-to-mount single speaker with multiple mounting options, on the wall or on a shelf. All the hardware you might need is included.
  • It connects easily to any TV in minutes. Two power cords, an included optical cable. You're done. Two power switches, two channel ID switches. You won't find an easier hookup or startup.
  • You can program your existing remote control to operate the SurroundBar 3000 IHT.
  • Included remote control is super easy to use. Power, Surroundbar volume, subwoofer volume, source selec tion and mute. That's it.
  • Polk Digital Logic. Polk's proprietary DSP firmware programming delivers much improved sound for your TV in a compact system with no complex hook up or set up.
  • Real bass, no wires. Place the compact wireless subwoofer anywhere. Plug in the power cord, set the ID switch, turn it on.
  • No wires snaking across your room. Just big, satisfying bass for real sound impact.
  • Games, movies and TV shows. Take your flat panel TV's sound to a whole new level of excitement.

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Polk Audio AM1300 view 1
Polk Audio AM1300 view 1

Product Description

We all love our flat panel TV's. They've taken our viewing experience to a new level, brought the game closer, taken us for an exciting visual roller coaster ride. But guess what? None of us is getting the whole picture. Because the fact is we watch a movie with our ears, too. View your favorite film, play a video game, relax with your default TV show, but do it with the sound off. The excitement, the thrills, being caught up in the moment just aren't there. Ok, turn your TV speakers back on. Quite frankly, the sound that comes out of all those beautiful flat screens is pretty thin. But hear the sleek, lightweight SurroundBar 3000 Instant Home Theater (IHT), and your entire viewing experience comes alive.

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Product Specifications


Bluetooth Compatible:

Peak Power Output (Watts):
180 W

RMS Power Output (Watts):
180 W

Frequency Response:
40 Hz - 22 kHz

Dimensions (WHD):
31" x 3-3/4" x 3"

30" - 31"

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