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Light up your life.

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Enter the world of Smart Lighting.

Make your Christmas decorations truly magical. With Twinkly, you have the most advanced lighting technology at your fingertips, letting you connect your LED string lights straight from your smartphone.

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What is Twinkly?

Twinkly is a real innovation for the lighting industry and gives you the most advanced technology for light decorations that are sure to impress.

What does Twinkly do?

Twinkly has the best lighting effects and stunning animations, giving you beautiful lighting in minutes all at your fingertips.

Why Twinkly?

With Twinkly’s patented computer vision technology, map any effect onto any configuration of lights with perfect precision, all through your smartphone camera.

Strings Multicolor LEDs

Bring the most advanced technology to your light decorations with RGB LED string lights. The Twinkly app lets you customize your lighting with stunning effects and amazing animations. Plus, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility allow you to send voice controls, o you can turn the lights on/off and change the brightness and color without lifting a finger.

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Cluster Multicolor LEDs

Bring the most advanced technology to your home decorations with the Twinkly LED Light Cluster. Control 400 bright, colorful RGB LEDs and get a wide variety of stunning effects by using the Twinkly app. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to synchronize up to 4,000 LEDs or 10 devices for impressive scenery installations, indoors or out.

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Pre-lit tree Special Edition

Twinkly’s 7.5 ft Pre-Lit Tree lets you light up Christmas exactly how you want it, all from your smartphone. You can create amazingly vivid colors and pure white light with the Special Edition LEDs, and control brightness, speed, intensity, and color palette effects instantly. it’s easily configurable with Bluetooth and Wi-fi, and can be smart home integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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