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There’s a FitBit for everyone in the family. Track your steps, workouts, sleeping patterns and even your calories! Whatever your goal is, FitBit is here to help you stay motivated!

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Make the most of every moment with a Fitbit smartwatch, be able to design your personal health and fitness companion. Imagine holding up to 300+ song storage and streaming capability as well as FitBit pay features all from your wrist. They can track your steps, sleeping patterns, and calorie intakes. Life’`s about action, not distraction, keep up to date with everything you need right from your wrist.

Versa 4 Image

Meet Fitbit Versa 4™, the motivational health & fitness smartwatch with built-in GPS, 40+ exercise modes, and 6+ days of battery life to keep you moving. Choose from modes like strength training, HIIT, running, kayaking and more to see key results in real time--including Active Zone Minutes which shows your target intensity levels.

Daily Readiness

Motivating Workouts

40+ Exercise Modes + GPS

Google Apps & More

Designed for Fitness

*Amazon Alexa not available in all countries, see **See bank availability. ***Subscription required. App not available in all countries.

Fitbit Versa Sense

Meet Sense 2 the smartwatch designed to help you stress less, live healthier and sleep better. Get help identifying stress and get the tools to better manage it. Track key heart-health indicators so you can make more informed wellness decisions. Plus learn more about your sleep and how to improve your rest with nighttime tracking.

Manage Stress

Sleep Better

Tune in to your Body

Enhance your Exercise

Designed for Fitness

*Amazon Alexa not available in all countries, see **See bank availability. ***Subscription required. App not available in all countries.

Fitness Trackers

FitBit Fitness Trackers help track resting heart rate and specific heart zones. Track everything super easily right from your wrist, and make the most of the app by tracking your calorie intake and comparing calories eaten to calories burned as you go for your goals. FitBit fitness trackers are also water proof so take it for a swim or run in the rain and track it all. Feel empowered to make a change and embrace your health and fitness goals!

Fitbit Charge 5

Meet Fitbit’s most advanced fitness & health tracker with tools like an on-wrist ECG app for heart health, EDA Scan app for stress management and more.

Daily Readiness

Stress Management

Heart Health

Health Metrics

Built-In GPS

*Fitbit Charge 5 + Premium Connects the Dots Between Your Activity, Sleep and Stress. Starting at $9.99/mo.

Fitbit Inspire 3

This little health hack on your wrist helps you stay on top of your stress, fitness and sleep all you have to do is wear it. Get daily scores that show how well you workout and help you manage stress.

Move More

Stress Less

Sleep Better

Stay on Top

Wear All Day

*Swimproof means water resistant to 50M. **Battery life varies with use and other factors.