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Smart Lighting

Get simple, customizable
control of your lighting
from one app.

customize your

From colorful game nights to vibrant, energized mornings, Cync Smart Bulbs allow you to create the perfect moods and control them easily in multiple ways.

With Cync Smart Bulbs, You Can:
  • Set Schedules
  • Control away from home*
  • Control with your voice**
  • Set & save the perfect scene
  • Dim & brighten

* Available out of the box with CYNC Direct Connect Smart Bulbs. CYNC Bluetooth®-only Smart Bulbs require pairing to a CYNC Smart Plug, CYNC Smart Switch, or Google Home or Nest device to enable out-of-home control.
** Voice assistant required.

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Direct Connect Smart Bulbs Bulbs

Get millions of colors, voice control, and out-of-home control from your smartphone with no hub required.

Smart Bulb + Motion Sensing Hubs & Kits

Use your Dimmer Remote to control your light from anywhere in your house.

Direct Connect Smart Light Strip Light Strip

Add behind your headboard, TV, or under cabinets to add ambience and change the mood of a room in seconds.

Smart Switch Switch

Control the speed of your ceiling fan from anywhere and create comfortable spaces from your coziest places.


A smart life. For a well-lit life.

This smart bulb has a full tunable white temperature scale—so you can enjoy the right light for any time of day.

C by GE is now Cync

Set Schedules

C by GE is now Cync

Control Away From Home

C by GE is now Cync

Control With Your Voice*

C by GE is now Cync

Support Your Sleep/Wake Cycle

C by GE is now Cync

Enjoy Any Temperature of Everyday Light

C by GE is now Cync

Set & Save the Perfect Scene

C by GE is now Cync

Dim & Brighten

Smart Home

Add comfort, security, and
convenience to your life
from your phone.

Smart Thermostat

CYNC Smart Thermostat gives you temperature control from anywhere - even away from home - for the optimal comfort when you need it.

With Cync Smart Thermostat, You Can:
  • Set Schedules
  • Control away from home
  • Control with your voice*

*Voice assistant required.

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Indoor Smart Cameras

Easily connects to your phone to give you video and audio of your home from anywhere - for endless peace of mind.

Cync™ Indoor Smart Camera Provides:
  • HD 1080p video with night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • A privacy shutter
  • A built-in SD drive*
  • Easy set up and control

* SD card is sold separately

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Smart Plugs

Our Smart Plugs give you control of devices like space heaters and garden fountains, as well as lamps, string lights, and more for convenience and peace of mind.

Indoor Smart Plug
Indoor Smart Plug

Bring voice and out-of-home control,
scheduling, and more to your
electronic devices and lamps.

Outdoor Smart Plug
Outdoor Smart Plug

Add to your exterior devices and lights
for convenient smart control from
inside - or anywhere.

Control with
your voice

Pair your Smart Plug with a smart assistant - like Amazon Alexa or Hey Google - for hands-free voice control of lamps and electronic devices.

Set schedules

Schedule devices like space heaters to turn on and off at convenient times to provide peace of mind and save energy.

Control away
from home

Get control of devices and lamps while you're away from home for a little extra peace of mind. No smart assistant needed.

Control all products
with one app

Use the Cync App, powered by Savant, to create custom scenes, set schedules, and control devices and lamps at once - even if you're away from home.

Available products Line Image
Available products

Dimmer Smart Switch Switches

Add smart bulb functionality to traditional bulbs with enhanced functionality like out of home control, scheduling and scene setting.

Smart Motion Sensor Motion Detectors

Pair with existing C by GE smart devices with a battery-powered motion sensor that controls lighting based on movement, ambiance and light in the room.