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For taste as
nature intended.
For better living.

Electrolux Kitchen with Island and Kitchen
Explore your culinary creativity

Experience our suite of kitchen appliances designed to preserve produce longer, deliver juicier proteins, and inspire culinary creativity.

For taste as nature intended. For better living.
Electrolux’s kitchen suite is designed with the earth in mind. Our thoughtfully-designed appliances help preserve what nature provides, enhance natural flavors and create less waste for a more sustainable future.

A kitchen suite designed with the earth in mind.


Electrolux Induction Cooktops have the speed and precision you need to wow your guests, featuring Precise Temperature Control and Power Slide, giving you more freedom to craft the perfect meal.

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Electrolux Kitchen Cooktops
Electrolux Kitchen Wall Ovens
Wall Ovens

Discover more deliciousness with Electrolux single and double wall ovens. Enhance juiciness, texture and flavor with our in-oven air sous vide. This technology uses air instead of water to deliver perfectly-cooked salmon fillets and other delectable proteins.

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Inspiration turns into delicious meals with the Electrolux Gas Range. Delectable dishes go from sear to simmer in seconds on the Min-2-Max® Burner, and you’ll love the consistently even cook that the Perfect Taste™ convection provides. You’ll be flipping, searing, sautéing and frying with ease on the continuous grates.

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Electrolux Kitchen Ranges
Electrolux Kitchen Ventilation

Beautifully-designed, responsive vent hoods feature premium perimeter venting and soft LED lighting. These hoods use a sensor that can detect excess heat and respond automatically to ensure proper ventilation.

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The possibilities are endless with all the cooking options of Electrolux microwaves. Bake and brown your favorite foods with Convection Cooking, with performance just like an oven. Multi-stage cooking allows for recipes that require multiple cooking stages for optimally prepared dishes.

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Electrolux Kitchen Microwaves
Electrolux Kitchen Dishwashers

The Electrolux 24'' Stainless Steel Tub Built-In Dishwasher with LuxCare® Wash Arm uses water more effectively for a better clean and your dishes come out dry the first time with the Perfect Dry® system. When you're entertaining guests, dishes come out sparkling clean in between courses with the 30-Minute Clean cycle.

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Electrolux column and French door refrigerators are made to keep food organized and easily at hand. Features Luxury-Glide® drawers with removable/adjustable dividers and two mini baskets, Perfect Bins™ door storage that tilts out for easy access and a condiment shelf. The Electrolux Four-Door French Door Refrigerator offers the TempAdapt™ Drawer which allows you to store all your favorites for entertaining at the perfect serving temperature.

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Electrolux Kitchen Refrigerators
Electrolux Kitchen Accessories
Kitchen Accessories

A true built-in kitchen design can be achieved with Electrolux trim kits for refrigerators and microwaves. These distinctive, streamlined trim kit collections will enhance the beauty and versatility of your kitchen.

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