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Sony NSZGS7 view 1
Sony NSZGS7 view 2
Sony NSZGS7 view 1
Sony NSZGS7 view 2

50% OFF


Sony NSZGS7 view 1
Sony NSZGS7 view 2
Sony NSZGS7 view 1
Sony NSZGS7 view 2
Sony NSZGS7 view 1
Sony NSZGS7 view 2


Internet Player with Google TV NSZ-GS7

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Imagine the search power of Google built right into your TV. Craving some highlights from your team or movies starring your favorite actor? Just type it in and enjoy cross-search results from your cable provider, the internet, apps and even select Dish DVR1. Find exactly what you want in the blink of an eye. Best of all, Google TV™ uses your existing cable or satellite service so there's no need to mess around with switching inputs when you want to use it. You'll never feel like you have nothing to watch again. Download apps directly to your TV from the forever-expanding Google Play™ Store™.2 Or choose from classics like Netflix®, Pandora® and YouTube™ to expand your horizons with apps such as Crunchyroll, Redux and Qello. In addition to video and music apps, download games, social networking and news apps just like the ones on your smartphone. There's no going back once you've experienced the amazing universal remote included. The clickable touchpad works just like the one on your laptop, featuring one-handed operation and multi-touch pinch-and-pull for zoom control. There's even a 3-Axis motion sensor for gaming. Flip it over and you'll find a backlit QWERTY keyboard that perfect for typing with the lights off at night. And don't worry, it knows which way is facing up so you won't accidentally hit keys on the other side. Experience your favorite websites on a grand scale with the built-in Google Chrome™ browser that is built for speed, simplicity and efficiency. The Flash Media Player makes it so Flash-based video sites open doors to endless video content and engaging interactivity. Auto updates ensure added security. No network cables necessary. Maximize your entertainment while reducing cable clutter and wirelessly stream beautiful, HD video straight from the internet or your home network. Or you stick with a wired connection if that's what you like. No matter what, it's all seamless, and it's all built-in.

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