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Bring the Movie Theater to Your Home

Are you ready for your first home theater or is it past time for an upgrade? Electronic Express carries an extensive and complete selection of home theater components, including TVs, projectors, blu-ray and streaming players, speakers, stands, wall mounts, and more. Choose from top brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Onkyo, Monster Cable, Polk Audio, OmniMount, and others. Our expert home theater consultants are available to help you select the proper components to create an ideal experience for you and your friends. Shop our first-rate selection today to create the best home theater entertainment room you’ve ever had!

Home Audio

Experience movies like the director envisioned with a home theater surround sound system, or fill the with the sound of your favorite vinyl from a stereo system.

Portable & Wireless Audio

Take your music everywhere you go with a great pair of headphones. Keep it to yourself with wireless Bluetooth® headphones or share it with Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi speakers.


Take your music everywhere you go with a great pair of headphones. Travel in silent relaxation with noise-canceling headphones or stay upbeat with your favorite music when working out.

Audio Accessories

Every wire you need for your audio components. Choose from standard or high quality braided cables for your components, and give your speakers the thick wire they need to sound their best.

Other Audio

Take your music with you in your car or boat, or make your own with a new instrument.