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The Newest Computer Tech for Your Home or Office

Computer technology moves fast and Electronic Express is committed to having the newest models with the latest hardware so you can have the best experience. We carry all types of computers from portable tablets and laptops to all-in-ones and desktop towers. We carry the top computer brands like Apple, Samsung, Asus, HP, Dell and—for computer gamers—Alienware and MSI.

You can find all the computer accessories you need here, including printers, speakers, wireless mice and keyboards, gaming monitors, modems, routers, hard drives, and bags or cases.


We carry a computer for everyone. Laptops to stay mobile, 2-in-1s for tablet operation, desktop towers for high performance, and all-in-ones for sleek design.

PC Gaming & VR

Turn the graphics settings to extreme with a gaming desktop or laptop, and experience the virtual world with VR.


Ditch the keyboard and go truly mobile with tablets. Available in both large and small sizes, and specially designed for kids.

Computer Peripherals

A home office doesn't have to be boring: make it an enjoyable space by filling it with music and a curved monitor.

Computer Accessories

Protect your laptop or tablet from scratches and damage with a case or sleeve. We also carry replacement cables and chargers.


Power through math and science with a powerful graphing calculator.