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Hyper HYPERVRZ4 view 1
Hyper Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset with Headphones
UPC/EAN: 817110013079

Hyper Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset with Headphones

UPC/EAN: 817110013079

75% OFF

Hyper HYPERVRZ4 view 1
Hyper HYPERVRZ4 view 1

75% OFF

Hyper HYPERVRZ4 view 1
Hyper HYPERVRZ4 view 1
Hyper HYPERVRZ4 view 1

Product features

  • Virtual Reality VR headset for smartphone
  • Integrated high performance audio headphones
  • Clean treble and explosive bass
  • High quality Japanese lenses provide 120º field of view

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Manufacturer's Description


Integrate sight and sound
VR headset with total immersion

What is HYPERVR used for?

Insert your smartphone, slip on HYPERVR Z4 and get transported to a whole new world. Imagine your own large screen private cinema watching high definition 3D Hollywood blockbusters. Get transported to Mars, Jurassic Park and ride a roller coaster, all without leaving your couch.

Total Immersion with 120º Field of View

Amazing optics, crafted from the highest quality PMMA polymer from Japan, offer 120º field of view at 35mm focal distance. This is almost the same as normal human vision, providing unparalleled immersion and realism.

Integrate visual and audio experience

Without immersive sound effect, the virtual reality experience is never complete. Your eyes might see a different world but without 3D sound effects, your ears will betray you.

HYPERVR Z4 is the only Google Cardboard compatible VR headset that features an integrated audio headphone that uses a high end audio driver that delivers a wide 3D surround soundstage with crisp treble for clean sound and strong bass for sound you can feel.

Be prepared to be immersed in a new way like never before.

Headphones with balanced treble and explosive bass for more realistic sound

The diaphragm is the core of the audio headphone and is essential for sound quality. For better sound quality, phonics engineers are always searching for a lighter, stronger diaphragm with better transmitting factors. HYPERVR Z4 utilizes a large 40mm diaphragm made of high quality PET material with Sheet Molding Technology to deliver well balanced treble and explosive bass to create a realistic soundstage.

Get great sound from your smartphone

Some headphones may produce a weak sound when connected to a smartphone. Not HYPERVR Z4. With its low impedence (32 ohm) headphone design, you will get a high fidelity sound quality at high sound volume without the need for an amplifier.

Easily answer phone calls and adjust volume

Adjust sound volume, play/pause movies and answer phone calls. All without removing smartphone from the headset.

Focus (Diopter) Adjustment

Cater to needs of 0º~800º myopia and 0º~400º hyperopia. No need to wear glasses with HYPERVR Z4. Just turn the green knob at the side to focus to the sharpest image. Turning either left or right knob will adjust both lenses at the same time.

IPD (Interpupillary Distance) Adjustment

Turn the black knob at the top of the headset to adjust the distance between the lenses to obtain a clean image without any black fringes.

Mechanical Touch Screen

Press the black button at the bottom of the headset to simulate a tap on the smartphone screen. Use with Google Cardboard compatible apps to shoot, confirm, advance and other functions. Supports iPhone, Android and Windows Phone operation.

Semi-transparent Cover Design

Allows smartphone camera to see what is in front of the headset and support Augmented Reality

All Round Ventilation

For more comfortable wear. Prevents smartphone from overheating and VR lenses from fogging.

Smartphone Ventilation

While playing movies or games, the smartphone will generate a lot of heat. Other VR headsets enclose the smartphone which may trap heat. In HYPERVR Z4, the back fo the smartphone, where all the generated heat is, is totatlly open to convectional air flow coming in from all sides of the front cover.

Face Ventilation

On the wearer side of the HYPERVR Z4 headset, upper and lower vents, while keeping light out, allow convectional air flow to cool the face, preventing heat build up which may make the VR lenses fog up.

Superior Lightweight Comfortable Design

HYPERVR Z4 with its integrated VR headset and audio headphone design feels lighter and is probably lighter than other VR headsets without headphones. Using a strong, lightweight shell with multi-stress weight distribution design to make HYPERVR Z4 feel as light as possible. This reduces wearer tiredness, prolonging wear time for movies, gaming and other VR experience.

Head Adjustment

Distributes headset weight over a wider surface area, reducing forehead pressure, stress points and tiredness

Adjustable Headphones

The adjustable headphones adapts to all head sizes and ages. The soft leather and memory foam fill of the headphones contours to the ear providing comfortable wear with minimal stress, while providing effective sound proofing to prevent environment noise from invading your virtual world.

Comfortable, Breathable Padding That Blocks Out External Light

The leather wrapped memory foam padding is designed to fit any face shape, blocking out all external light even around the nose area, yet remains comfortable and breathable.

Ultralight Design. Multi-Stress Distribution.

Traditional VR headset and headphone combination weighs more than 600g. Using a ultralight shell design, Z4 weighs only 410g. Utilizing multi-stress distribution, the weight of the headset is well distributed across the entire head, relieving additional stress to the face and ears.

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