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Technical Pro EQ5300 view 1
Technical Pro Dual 10 Band Graphic Equalizers
EE Model #: EQ5300
UPC/EAN: 817802011741

Technical Pro Dual 10 Band Graphic Equalizers

EE Model #: EQ5300
UPC/EAN: 817802011741


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At a Glance

  • Dual 10-Band Equalizers
  • Direct EQ Function
  • Digital Display

    What's in the Box

    • One Dual 10-Band Equalizer
    • Two Removable Rack Mounting Brackets

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    Technical Pro EQ5300 view 1
    Technical Pro EQ5300 view 2
    Technical Pro EQ5300 view 1
    Technical Pro EQ5300 view 2

    Product Description

    The EQ5300 is the ultimate tool for sound professionals and hi-fi sound enthusiasts looking to enhance their audio system. Boasting two channels, the EQ5300 can take input from up to three sources via the integrated RCA inputs. Each channel sports its own 10-band equalizer with an adjustable range of 䔰 dB. Equalization points are spread out over the whole spectrum of human hearing to give you the ability to boost and cut output wherever the sound takes you from highs to lows.

    To EQ5300 features a stylish minimalist design that comes with removable rack-mounting brackets that allow you to incorporate the EQ5300 into standard audio control systems. In addition, the EQ5300 comes with a digital display that illustrates important information about equalization points. LED readouts on the equalization knobs also help illuminate settings even in dark venues.

    Equalizers are an integral part of any audio setup. Human hearing is generally understood to range from 20 Hz to 20kHz—with 20 Hz corresponding to low bass sounds and 20 kHz corresponding to high-pitched sounds. When you setup an audio system output has the potential to be distorted by a variety of factors included equipment combinations, quality of speakers, and the nature of the venue itself. If distortion happens, key ranges of sound come across too weak or strong relative to other ranges resulting in output that no longer faithfully replicates sound and can even damage speakers.

    If audio output encounters distortion increasing or decreasing the master volume won’t help. You need a way to increase or decrease volume at a specific frequency (pitch). Equalizers are created to do just that, and come with different bands that correspond to different points over the range of human hearing (e.g. 32 Hz, a lower bass frequency or 18 kHz, a high frequency). You can adjust these bands to increase or decrease output at a given point by some amount of decibels while leaving output at other spectrums unchanged. The result is output that overcomes issues created by distortion to give you a sound that faithfully replicates input.

    When buying an equalizer two things matter: the number of bands, and the adjustment range. Many stereos come with bass and treble which effectively makes them a two band equalizer. It’s nice to adjust bass and treble, but these two ranges leave out a lot. With more bands you have more equalization points and the ability to adjust outputs in more ways to maximize output. When buying an equalizer figure out how much control you need and pick an equalizer with enough bands to give you the options you need. For most users a five or seven band equalizer will be more than enough but die hard audiophiles may want equalizers ranging up to 21 bands. In addition to the number of bands the adjustment range is also important. If you can only boost and cut output by five decibels you may be unable to adequately tailor the sound even with 21 bands. The best equalizers are those that give you a lot of equalization points and the option to substantially adjust output sometimes by as much as 䔮 dB.

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    Product Specifications

    Dimensions (WHD):
    17.13" x 1.73" x 9"

    RCA Audio (In/Out):

    USB Interface:

    Weight (lbs.):
    4.4 lbs

    Bluetooth Compatible:

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