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Sony SATHD300 view 1
Sony DIRECTV HD Receiver w/ Dolby Digital Passthrough & Universal Remote Commander - OPEN BOX
EE Model #: SATHD300
UPC/EAN: 027242628984

Sony DIRECTV HD Receiver w/ Dolby Digital Passthrough & Universal Remote Commander - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: SATHD300
UPC/EAN: 027242628984


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At a Glance

  • DIRECTV Annual Programming Agreement
    (Please fill out this form and fax to: 615-346-1405)
    NOTE: Before we can ship this product, we need a copy of the completed agreement!

  • Up To 9 Format Output Settings & Up To 11 Wide Mode Aspect Ratio Control Settings
  • Freeze/Multi-Freeze Function
  • Simultaneous High-Definition & Standard-Definition Output
  • Up To 7 Days Of Advanced Program Guide Information w/ DIRECTV Subscription
  • IR/RF Universal Remote Commander® Remote Control
  • Keyword Search w/ Text Prediction
  • 20 Event Timer & Record Reminder & VCR Controller
  • Access Card Slot/Door & Reset Button On The Front Panel
  • Front Panel Display Window
  • Quick Access To Signal Strength Meter
  • Parental Control w/ V Chip
  • DVI-HDTV Interface

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Sony SATHD300 view 1
Sony SATHD300 view 1

Product Description

Sony's SAT-HD300 DirecTV High Definition Satellite Receiver gives you options... good ones. Versatile and stylish, this receiver features a number of video outputs, including DVI-HDTV Interface, RGB, V/Pb/Pr, Composite and S-Video. It has an Advanced Program Guide (APG) - Local ATSC and NTSC Program Data, a DVI-HDTV Interface (Cable Supplied), Dolby Digital Pass-through, up to 7 Days of Advanced Program Guide from DirecTV Service, and a 20 Event Reminder. Keep a handle on your world with Parental Control with V Chip, Front Panel Display Window, Keyword Search with Text Prediction and Favorite Channel List.

Sony's SAT-HD300 DIRECTV high-definition satellite receiver is your access point to hundreds of channels of DIRECTV digital satellite programming--and your gateway into the world of high-definition video. The receiver can output NTSC and ATSC (HD) video signals in many formats--like 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i--and a couple of them simultaneously. Want to record SD (standard definition) video to your VCR or DVR via composite- or S-video while watching a different channel in full 1080i HDTV? Now you can.

The unit's output jacks include a DVI-HDTV interface for a direct-digital connection with a compatible monitor), RGB for your PC monitor, as well as component-, composite-, and S-video. An optical digital-audio output lets you route the Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround signals accompanying select programs to a compatible audio/video receiver and multichannel speaker system for spacious, detailed listening.

Use DIRECTV's Advanced Program Guide (APG) for choosing local ATSC and NTSC program data up to seven days in advance. A supplied VCR controller is a perfect interface for your taping needs, and the system also features a 20-event reminder.

Cine-Zoom aspect-ratio setting offers 16 control steps so you can tailor your programming to fit your TV screen's native aspect ratio (usually either 4:3 or widescreen 16:9). Multifreeze control allows zoom and pan of frozen digital video source images.

Other great features include a DIRECTV access-card slot/door and reset button on the front panel, quick access to signal-strength meter, parental control with V-Chip, a front-panel display window, keyword search with text prediction, and favorite-channel list. The receiver comes with a Sony universal Remote Commander remote control (IR/RF).

Full enjoyment of the SAT-HD300 does require a fair amount of ancillary hardware and services, namely an installed DIRECTV satellite dish, a DIRECTV Service subscription, and use of a high-definition or HD-ready television or monitor. But the receiver does support over-air reception of HD broadcasts, and its output can be scaled to just about any video format. So, technically, even if you don't have DIRECTV Service, and even if you're using a standard-definition 27-inch CRT television, you could still enjoy SD viewing of off-air HDTV, right out of the box. You could also plug a cable feed into the receiver and use it as a channel switcher/VCR controller. But unless you're planning to subscribe to DIRECTV and/or upgrade to an HD-ready TV, there's little point in using the SAT-HD300.

What's in the Box
DTV receiver, DVI cable, component-video cable, S-video cable, A/V cable, RF cable(2), an RJ-11 telephone cable, a VCR controller, a remote control, remote batteries, and a user's

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