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Dolica LX600B502DS view 1
Dolica 60” Ultra-Premium Professional Tripod - OPEN BOX
EE Model #: LX600B502DS
Manufacturer Model #: LX600B502D/S
UPC/EAN: 814066014624

Dolica 60” Ultra-Premium Professional Tripod - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: LX600B502DS
Manufacturer Model #: LX600B502D/S
UPC/EAN: 814066014624


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At a Glance

  • Ultra-premium CNC designed tripod components for strength and highest specification tolerances
  • Anodized silver and black finish for extra protective and wear resistance
  • Transform tripod leg and center column into 60” monopod
  • Travel size compact 15.5 inches when legs folded inward
  • Short throw leg locks for quick leg open and close
  • Reversible center column for low angle shots
  • Interchangeable spike or rubber feet
  • Upgraded tripod leg foam comfort grips
  • 3 position leg angle adjustment locks
  • Thread mount with spring loaded counter weight hook
  • Integrated 3 way bubble level
  • Independent pan and tilt knob for isolation tilt and pan position
  • Ultra smooth fluid pan and tilt movement
  • Degree angle marks on pan base for panorama shots
  • Removable ball head
  • Quick release clamp compatible with most 38-42mm wide quick release plates(measured from base of plate)

What's in the Box

  • Dolica LX600B502D/S Tripod

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Dolica LX600B502DS view 1
Dolica LX600B502DS view 1

Product Description

The Dolica LX600B502D/S is the ultimate 60” tripod combo for the photographer that wants the best. It’s the only Dolica tripod that utilizes ultra-precise CNC machining to create 95% of the parts of the tripod. What CNC (computer numerical controlled) mean for you is all the parts are created from a single block of aluminum from a CNC machine. This is advantageous from the traditional cast aluminum tripod because CNC parts have the tightest tolerances so the tripod is perfect specifications to the original that makes for very smooth operating tripod. Also since the LX600B502D/S tripod is made from single block of aluminum you have a much stronger tripod part for part since a single block of CNC aluminum is significantly stronger than cast aluminum it will last much longer to wear and tear. Also CNC tripods are capable of a protective anodized finish that also makes the tripod resistant rubbing, chipping, and peeling and allow for protective finish that will be beautiful for many years.

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