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Universal R40 view 1
Universal Multibrand remote with learning capability - OPEN BOX
EE Model #: R40
Manufacturer Model #: URC-R40
UPC/EAN: 656787100404

Universal Multibrand remote with learning capability - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: R40
Manufacturer Model #: URC-R40
UPC/EAN: 656787100404


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At a Glance

  • On-Screen Setup Wizard for Quick & Easy programming
  • Operates virtually all brands of Audio, TV, DVD, VCR, Cable and Satellite
  • 48 My Favorite Channels with Color Icons
  • Favorites are organized into 8 groups of 6 and accessed via 4 Favorite buttons
  • labeled Sports, News, Movies, Music
  • All buttons light up for use in dark rooms
  • Pre-Programmed Codes -- a database of thousands of pre-programmed codes
  • guarantees that it will control your component, even iPod Docks
  • Learning Capable -- able to learn” functions from all remotes so it will never
  • become obsolete
  • MacroPower™ -- makes several devices work together by pressing one button
  • SimpleSound™ -- gives total volume control over all the components in a system,
  • even those without their own built-in volume control, such as TiVo, DVD & VCR
  • Ergonomic design features strategically-located button clusters engineered for
  • comfort & ease of use
  • (OSD) On Screen Display
  • Complete Menu Functions
  • 1.5” Color OLED (128 x RGB x 128) - light weight, long battery life
  • Low Battery Warning Feature
  • Sofa Mode Feature prevents accidental battery drain

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Universal R40 view 1
Universal R40 view 1

Product Description

As the flagship of our consumer lineup, My Favorite Remote combines the latest technology with power, ease-of-use and an attractive design that looks great in any living room. My Favorite Remote is a true crossover product that spans the gap between expensive, professionally programmed remotes and simple DIY replacement remotes. It features a bright, colorful OLED display and can control up to 18 A/V components. It also features an on-screen wizard for quick and easy set-up. Users can organize their favorite channels into groups of Movies, News, Sports and Music. Each group has its own labeled button. Also, each group has two pages of graphic icons, arranged six to a page, for a total of 48 Favorites. To watch HBO, simply press the HBO icon. The OLED display consumes less power than conventional LCD displays (because they do not require backlighting), are somewhat easier to read (because they are brighter) and have a greater viewing angle (about 170?). My Favorite Remote is Preprogrammed and Learning capable, that mean that it sets up quickly and can learn” commands for older remotes (and even from newer remotes that aren’t even on the market yet). It can run Macros—a series of commands all triggered by a single button press. Imagine being able to turn on the flat panel, start the Blu-ray, activate the Surround Sound, switch everything to the right inputs and Play a movie all by pressing just one button. All buttons light up for use in dimly lit rooms. And it has a Sofa Mode (if a button is pressed too long—like when it’s beneath a sofa cushion—My Favorite Remote powers down to prevent accidental battery drain. It also has a low battery warning feature.

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