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Traeger TFB57PZB-OBX view 1
Traeger Bronze Pro Series 22 Wood Pellet Grill - OPEN BOX
EE Model #: TFB57PZB-OBX

Traeger Bronze Pro Series 22 Wood Pellet Grill - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: TFB57PZB-OBX


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At a Glance

  • 572 Sq. In. Grilling Area
  • Digital Pro Controller With Advanced Grilling Logic And Dual Meat Probes
  • Wood Pellet Grilling
  • Convection Process
  • Powered By A Standard, Household Outlet
  • 20,000 BTUs
  • Main Rack Easily Holds: 16 Burgers, 4 Chickens, 24 Hot Dogs, 5 Rib Racks
  • Extra Rack Easily Holds: 8 Burgers, 12 Hot Dogs
  • Bronze Finish

What's in the Box

  • Bronze Pro Series 22 Wood Pellet Grill
  • Documentation

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Traeger TFB57PZB-OBX view 1
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Traeger TFB57PZB-OBX view 1
Traeger TFB57PZB-OBX view 2
Traeger TFB57PZB-OBX view 3
Traeger TFB57PZB-OBX view 4
Traeger TFB57PZB-OBX view 5

Product Description

OPEN BOX | Pickup Only; call for availability

Nothing beats the smoky flavor of food cooked on a wood pellet grill. The Traeger Pro Series 22 grill takes pellet grilling to the next level with a slew of modern, high-tech features. The digital pro controller keeps the grilling temperature within 15°F of the set temperature for precise cooking. The included dual probe meat thermometers ensure your food reaches the proper internal temperature for safe eating. Choose from a variety of 100% natural wood pellets to fill the 18 lb.-capacity pellet hopper in your Traeger Pro Series 22 pellet grill. The hopper has a handy clean-out door that makes changing your pellets a breeze. With 572 square inches of cooking space and a dual-rack design, you can cook a surprising amount of meat on this compact grill. Its round barrel shape creates a convection effect inside the grill so your food cooks evenly, whether it's steaks, sausages, or peppers. The porcelain grill grates are another feature that help food cook evenly because they heat up evenly. They also won't rust so if you clean them properly after each use, you shouldn't have to replace your grates for years.

Traeger Pro Series 22 grills are designed for convenience. With all-terrain wheels, you can easily move your grill anywhere with an outlet to adapt to your outdoor events. When it's time to retire your grill for the winter, it will easily roll into your garage or shed for storage (after you've covered it, of course!). With a range of high quality Traeger accessories like spatulas and grill gloves, we offer everything you need for the ultimate grilling experience. Use the convenient tool hooks to keep your favorites close by. You can read our article to learn more about how wood pellet grills work and why they are the best choice for grillers who love that signature smoky flavor.

Wood-Fired Grilling

We’ve added Advanced Grilling Logic to ensure consistent temperature control. By enhancing the Pro body style we give you an easily maneuverable meat machine that’s strapping stability for grilling on any terrain. If you’re the Pit Boss, a Pro grill will help showcase your epic creations.

Convection Process

An induction fan circulates rich, hardwood smoke throughout the cook chamber for even heat and epic flavor distribution.


It fuels the fire, moving Hardwood from Hopper to Fire Pot—briskly for hot and fast, or gradually for low and slow cooking.

Energy Economy

Powered by a standard, household outlet, it uses 300 watts for the first four minutes and only 50 watts for the rest of the cook.


Load the hopper to the brim with 100% Hardwood for hours of smoking and grilling without reloading.


A hot rod at the bottom of the Fire Pot ignites the Hardwood, keeping the fire going so you can relax and drink a cold one.

Shut Down Cycle

This sweet setting keeps the induction fan running for 5 minutes to lift residual ash from the fire pot and shuts off automatically.

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Product Specifications

Outdoor Cooking

Open Box




Primary Cooking Surface (sq. in.):

Secondary Cooking Surface (sq. in.):

Total Cooking Surface (sq. in.):

Cooking Power:
20,000 BTU

Self Cleaning:

Dimensions (WHD):
41" x 49" x 27"

Shipping Weight (lbs.):
120 lbs

Manufacturer's Description

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