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DLO iPod Care Kit - OPEN BOX
EE Model #: 70760-OBX

DLO iPod Care Kit - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: 70760-OBX


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  • Repair your iPod: The Complete Care Kit for iPod effectively repairs scratches and abrasions. And the daily cleaner gently cleans, shines, and protects your iPod from everyday wear and tear.
  • Fine scratch remover: This solution remover removes small scratches, haziness and abrasions.
  • Heavy scratch remover: This solution removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most iPods.
  • Micro-fiber cloth: This non-abrasive cloth will keep your iPod shiny and can be reused for daily cleaning.

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    DLO 70760-OBX view 1
    DLO 70760-OBX view 1

    Product Description

    OPEN BOX | Pickup Only; call for availability

    The DLO Care Kit brings back that like-new look to your iPod. The full 3-step process can restore a heavily-worn or lightly scratched iPod or iPod Nano to its previous glory. Give your iPod a Care Kit facelift. Buff out those key scratches on your iPod. Get your iPod Video looking crisp and clear or just refresh your iPod Nano. While it will not restore to like-new condition deeply gouged or severly damaged iPods, the DLO Care Kit will shock you with its rejuvenating power. You'll be amazed with how great your iPod looks after a Care Kit facelift. The Care Kit for iPod comes with three different cleaning solutions. One for frequent application for gentle cleaning and shine on your iPod's screen and front surface, one for the removal of blemishes and fine scratches from the screen and front and one solution for removal of heavy scratches & abrasions. The Care Kit also gives you 5 different buffing cloths that work with each of its three-stages of cleaning solutions. Keep your iPod looking shiny and your screen crystal clear. The Care Kit features a gentle cleaning solution that is perfect for a consistent spit & polish shine to your iPod. It keeps your screen clear and reduces haziness too. With all the video and pictures you have stored on your iPod, you don't want scratches or cloudiness to get in the way of your viewing pleasure. A non-abrasive Micro-fiber Cloth will give your iPod the final shine and can be reused for daily

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