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DIRECTV HR20700 view 1
DIRECTV HD DVR Satellite Receiver
EE Model #: HR20700
Manufacturer Model #: HR20-700
UPC/EAN: 185463000092

DIRECTV HD DVR Satellite Receiver

EE Model #: HR20700
Manufacturer Model #: HR20-700
UPC/EAN: 185463000092

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At a Glance

  • High Definition TV Output (via HDMI and Component)
  • 2 Sets of RCA (Red/White/Yellow Outputs) - 1 S-Video
  • 1 Optical Digital Output
  • Dual SAT Tuners
  • Dual ATSC Tuners (functionality is disabled at this time, see notes later in the review)
  • Wired RJ-45 Ethernet Port
  • External SATA Connection
  • 300gb SATA Internal Hard Drive
  • RF Remote Compatible with the Included RC24, and the soon to be released RC32RF
  • 30 Hours of MPEG-2 (OTA) HD
  • 50 Hours of MPEG-4 HD
  • 200 Hours of Standard Definition (SD)

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DIRECTV HR20700 view 1
DIRECTV HR20700 view 1

Product Description

DirecTV HR20700 DVR/HD Tuner Pause and rewind HDTV Record two shows at once Record 200 hours in SD Record 30-50 hours in HD Interactive features Easy series recording Start a library of shows: Record up to 200 hours ofstandard-definition programming, up to 30 hours of HD (MPEG-2) programming or upto 50 hours of HD (MPEG-4) programming.Let the DVR do the work: This DVR can be set to automatically recordevery episode of your favorite showseven if the time or day it airs changesduring the week. You can set the HR20 to find and record shows by actor, title,keyword or channelor record at a moments notice with the touch of abutton.Advanced program guide: Easily scroll through all DIRECTV channels tosee whats coming on, up to 14 days in advance.Supports over-the-air HD: The HR20 includes two satellite tuners foraccess to SD and HD DIRECTV programming and two ATSC tuners for access to localHD broadcasts where available.Outstanding picture and sound: The HR20 DVR features HDMI and opticaldigital audio outputs to deliver true theater-quality picture and Dolby Digital5.1 surround sound to your HDTV. Formats supported: 1080i, 780p, 480i and 480p.Interactive aspects: The DIRECTV Active feature gives personalized,interactive weather, horoscopes, lottery results and Best Bets programsuggestions. Some interactive features may require an additional service fee.Other features: View and log caller ID information on-screen. Set upparental controls to restrict children's access to programming.Requirements: To access DIRECTV HD programming, a Triple-LNB or 5-LNBMulti-Satellite Dish, DIRECTV service and HD television equipment are required.A land-based phone line connection is also required.Specifications: Video Receiver type DIRECTV HD Receiver HDTV reception Yes Recording capacity HD video:

Product Specifications

Receiver Type:
High Definition

Composite RCA (In/Out):

HDMI (In/Out):

Hard Drive Capacity:
300 GB

Dimensions (WHD):
19.75 x 15.75 x 6.75 In.

Panel Refresh Rate:


S-Video (In/Out):

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