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Smeg Red Coffee Maker
Smeg Pink Toaster
Smeg Light Green Mixer
Smeg Mickey Mouse on Fridge
Smeg Orange Range with Hood
Smeg Light Blue Blender
Smeg Black Kettle
Smeg Appliances

Small Home Appliances

Smeg’s small home appliances are sure to be the stars of your kitchen, ensuring excellence performance in all stages of food and drink preparation with powerful personalities to match.

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Smeg Black Toaster Smeg Chrome Toaster Smeg Cream Toaster Smeg Light Blue Toaster Smeg Pink Toaster Smeg Red Toaster

You can count on perfect toast or bagels every time with Smeg’s line of toasters, while also getting the iconic midcentury style you expect.

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Smeg Light Blue Mixer Smeg Chrome Mixer Smeg Light Green Mixer Smeg Red Mixer

With state-of-the-art technology and timeless design, Smeg mixers include ten adjustable speeds and die-cast aluminum body and base for top performance and longevity.

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Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Smeg Cream Coffee Maker Smeg Light Blue Coffee Maker Smeg Red Coffee Maker

Get delicious drip coffee with a splash of style with Smeg drip filter coffee machines, including convenient features like auto start and aroma control.

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Smeg Black Kettle Smeg Cream Kettle Smeg Light Blue Kettle Smeg Pink Kettle Smeg Red Kettle

Smeg kettles feature modern features, including auto-shutoff and easy-to-read water-level indicators, with Smeg’s iconic midcentury style.

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Smeg Red Blender Smeg Cream Blender Smeg Light Blue Blender

Smeg blenders are aesthetically pleasing and built to last, and with pre-set programs including smoothie, ice crush, and pulse, you get the perfect blend every time.

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Smeg Major Appliances

Major Home Appliances

Smeg’s large home appliances both look great and are highly functional. Renowned for design and attention to detail, functionality, and ergonomics, Smeg utilizes only the best materials to ensure great performance and long life.

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Smeg Black Fridge Smeg Blue Fridge Smeg Cream Fridge Smeg Light Blue Fridge Smeg Pink Fridge Smeg Red Fridge Smeg Orange Fridge Smeg Light Green Fridge Smeg Yellow Fridge Smeg White Fridge Smeg Lime Fridge

Smeg refrigerators keep your food and drink perfectly fresh, featuring the latest technology to ensure top quality, spacious interiors and high levels of energy efficiency.

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Specialty Refrigerators

Smeg America Fridge Smeg UK Fridge Smeg Mickey Mouse Fridge Smeg Italy Fridge

Make a bold statement and enliven your kitchen, without sacrificing top performance and spacious storage.

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Smeg Black Range Smeg Green Range Smeg Yellow Range Smeg Stainless Steel Range Smeg White Range Smeg Red Range Smeg Orange Range

With inspiration of ranges used by the world’s greatest chefs, Smeg’s pro-style ranges incorporate style and elegance with high performance and user-friendliness.

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Smeg Black Range Hood Smeg Green Range Hood Smeg Yellow Range Hood Smeg Stainless Steel Range Hood Smeg White Range Hood Smeg Red Range Hood Smeg Orange Range Hood

Smeg hoods combine quality design with the best materials to reflect the elegance and style of your kitchen while keeping it safely ventilated.

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