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Technical Pro USB2RCA

USB to RCA Audio Converter

EE Model #: USB2RCA
UPC/EAN: 817802010287

40% OFF

Technical Pro USB2RCA view 1
Technical Pro USB2RCA view 1

40% OFF

Technical Pro USB2RCA view 1
Technical Pro USB2RCA view 1
Technical Pro USB2RCA view 1

Product features

  • "In/Out" Selector allows you to determine the flow of audio
  • Stereo audio Codec with USB interface
  • Analog to digital and digital to analog audio converter

Product Reviews

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As audio equipment advances, it can be difficult to integrate new components into existing systems with incompatible technology. With the USB2RCA digital to analogue converter, you get the power to integrate your computer into standard analogue audio systems. It comes with a female RCA input that terminates in a male USB port. The flow of audio can then be controlled via a convenient In/Out” switch on the side of the device. If you want to record live playback onto a computer, set input to In” and audio will flow from the RCA to the USB. To play music from computers and other devices, set input to Out” and audio will flow from the USB to the RCA.

To ensure crystal, corruption-free audio, the USB2RCA comes with a high quality stereo audio codec with USB interface. It’s durable construction and high quality components further safeguards quality by protecting the unit from damage caused by transportation and drops. With a compact, lightweight design the USB2RCA also integrates seamlessly into control setups while minimizes transportation hassles to make it a great addition to any mobile lineup.

Dimensions (WHD):
2" x 1" x 1"

Weight (lbs.):
0.5 lbs