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Sylvania SP328

Black Portable Bluetooth Speaker

EE Model #: SP328
UPC/EAN: 058465795887

50% OFF

Sylvania SP328 view 1
Sylvania SP328 view 2
Sylvania SP328 view 1
Sylvania SP328 view 2

50% OFF

Sylvania SP328 view 1
Sylvania SP328 view 2
Sylvania SP328 view 1
Sylvania SP328 view 2
Sylvania SP328 view 1
Sylvania SP328 view 2

Product features

  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery
  • Easily Connect to iPhone, iPad, Android & Bluetooth Devices
  • Huge Stereo Sound with 2 X 4-Inch Hi-Fi Speakers
  • Charge the speaker quickly and easily

Product Reviews

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How it works:

Bluetooth Connection

Simply turn on the speaker, and it's in pairing mode. Once you select the speaker from your bluetooth menu, the speaker is ready to stream music!

Sound Adjustment

Fine tune the EQ by using the treble, bass and volume knobs. All controls are conveniently place on the front of the speaker so no time is wasted searching.

Close-up Features

Treble & Bass Controls

Seperate knobs for controlling the treble and bass allow you to tweak the sound so it's perfect in any scenario.

Blue LED Backlit Speakers

The speakers have an LED light that shines a stylish blue glow through the speakers. Not only do they produce amazing quality sound, they look great too!

Huge Stereo Sound

2x 4inch Hi-Fi Speakers delivers surprisingly HUGE sound. Indoors or Outdoors, you'll always have enough power for your music.

Hi-Fi Speaker

Hi Fidelity speakers means you'll always get amazing sound even at high or low volumes.

Power and Convenience

Complete with a handle, this portable Speaker unit is perfect for any scenario. Once charged, just grab the handle and take the speaker with you anywhere! It has the power for any outdoor or indoor situation

Quality Sound & Stylish

With its backlit LED lit speakers, the SP328 Speaker is perfect for parties or gatherings. Just turn it on and let the music stream while everyone can enjoy the stylish blue speakers.

Tailgate Speaker



4.6 lbs

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