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Escort MAX360PLAT

Max 360 Radar Detector

Product features

  • Arrows indicate the direction of the radar source
  • Dual antenna front + rear detection
  • GPS-powered AutoLearn technology
  • Digital Signal Processing provides extreme range

Web Ready

Download the most up-to-date threat locations, back up your data and update your software by connecting your radar detector to your computer via USB port.

Clear Voice Alerts

Unique voice alerts provide crystal clear communication of alerts and menu options. Now you can keep your eyes on the road without distractions. Includes English and Spanish.

Auto learn Technology

Patented anti-falsing technology uses the power of GPS and the exact frequency to learn and automatically reject unwanted fixed position false alarms.

Multi-color OLED Display

Includes four different color settings: Blue, Red, Green, and Amber

Lightning Fast Response & Pinpoint Precision

Our new Escort Max 360 builds on our patented true (DSP) Digital Signal Processing Max series detectors and is the fastest processing detector available which means it sees farther, quicker and with greater accuracy than any other technology today.


VG-2 Compatible:

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